April 11th, 2002

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they say people value their eyesight over all the other senses...but i'd have to disagree. i'd die if i ever went deaf.

(now, cuz i'm bored, i'm going to type that same thing, but shift my fingers over on the keyboard):

yjru dsu [pr[; vs;ir yjort rurdohjy pbrt s;; yjr pyjrt drmdr///niy o
f jsbr yp fodshtrr/ o
;f for og o rbrt ermy frsh/

hehe...thats funny.
hell's kitten

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i'm seriously stumped as to how i keep getting A's in history. last quarter i failed a good majority of the tests. i know my term papers have something do with it, though. i kinda wish i'd get lower, cuz this isnt good for me. its sending me the message that i dont have to try and still pass with flying colors. it's an advanced class too! i have a history test tomorrow....i didnt study....big surprise there.
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fearless street team

i received my first fearless records street team stuff in the mail last week. i got 5 or 6 posters that i'm supposed to put up places. the problem is i dont know where. i only get to go into town about every other week, and i cant even think what kinds of places would work for that. but, for everyone who's reading this and even sort of likes "punk" music, you should join the fearless records street team. you get a free copy of every single cd they release, as well as backstage passes whenever one of their bands comes near you. and all you have to do is spread the word. its really not a bad deal.

i got my first cd from them today. i was really looking forward to it, too. Punk Goes Pop. i love it when punk bands cover pop songs. cuz i used to be *so* into pop, and still kinda am, but i like the punk style of music better, so its combining the two! i love it! :-D
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cds...damn people

God damn, the whole copy protected CDs thing REALLY pisses me off....theres no point to it, cuz it just takes one person to get the songs online, then everyone can get them. its just an inconvenience to the people who buy the cd. i've heard they can crash your computer or sometimes not play in *any* cd players. DAMN GREEDY MUSIC BIZ PEOPLE!!!!!!!! fuckin' A
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concert contests

okay, i've complained about how no big tours ever come to NM...we all know that by now. but my radio station decided to help us out and give away trips to a bunch of different tours! they're giving away one each day next week:

Monday the trip is to the Coachella Music Festival in California with Prodigy, The Foo Fighters, The Strokes and more.

Tuesday it’s Green Day and Blink 182 in New York City.

Wednesday is a trip to New Orleans to see Tool.

Thursday win a trip to see the Warped Tour in Las Vegas with NofX, Bad Religion, Good Charlotte and more.

Friday it’s a trip to see Ozzfest in San Francisco with P.O.D, System of a Down and more.

I dont usually participate in call-in contests, but i make make an exception on tuesday and thursday...that would kick SO much ass if I won!!! :-D