April 18th, 2002

hell's kitten


NOOOO!!! nonononononononononononononono....BAD idea...NOT a good one. DONT do that!!!! nononononononononononononononono......!!!!!!!!! Sequels ruin movies!!! even though "seriously, dude, wheres my car?" is a cool title, DONT DO IT!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! DONT RUIN THAT MOVIE!!!! *sobs*
hell's kitten

fun class today

I had fun in computer class today...we never do anything in that class, so we all just surf the web and play games. my computer at home (this one) sucks at streaming video, so at school today, during computer class (i already said that, yeah) i went to launch.com and spent the whole class watching videos. i saw an unwritten law interview, several bad religion videos, and whats the dillio and cadillac. :-D yay me!!
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