April 19th, 2002

hell's kitten


Okay, I have this kind-of-friend named Jamie. She's pretty cool, but completely opposite from me. She's in the "cowboy" clique, and she's into music like nsync. anywa, she was telling me about this guy that "would be perfect for me." she met him at an FFA thing (future farmers of america), and that kinda put me off, cuz most of those guys are (and i hate to stereotype, but...) really not my type. i guess she read that off my face and said "no, its ok. he just sat on the bench in his hurley shirt and baggy pants and listened to his cd player the whole time," one point for him. then she started telling me about how she keeps telling him that his hair is getting too long and that he should cut it (2 inches!! *gasp*) but he said he's growing it out to spike it. another point for him.

but she also kinda has a crush on him and wanted me to help her impress him. i took this as an opportunity to help her make a fool of herself (not that mean, but ya know...) so I listed a few bands for her like goldfinger, ataris, dead kennedys, nofx, etc.... She tried to memorize them, but seriously messed them up ("what is it? dead roosevelts?")

she told him she liked blink 182 (apparantly the only "punk" band she knows) and he made fun of her. i told her how to redeem herself. i told her to explain to him that blink 182 went more pop after dude ranch and that cheshire cat was the best cd.

anyway, so i'm talking to naomi here(who doesnt know jamie...they live in separate towns, and have nothing to do with each other), and a few hours ago, she asked me to talk to this guy to, i dunno, test the waters or something. so we (me and stephen, the guy she wanted me to talk to) got to talking and i asked "so what kinda music you into?" he answered: "punk, punk, and a little more punk" So, music being my favorite thing to talk about, I got excited. Me and stephen talked for about a half an hour, and had a pretty good conversation.

it turns out he was at the DK concert i went to AND the UL show! and he wanted to go to the GC show but he was grounded....god, i love this guy. :-)

about 15 minutes ago, naomi IMs me with

Her: ya got to get me familar with some thoes bands lol
Me: who?
Her: some thoes punk bands

Now, naomi's not *nearly* as bad as jamie. jamie hasnt heard of *anyone*. naomi has at least the basics down (i think). but i could tell jamie about, like bad religion or.....anyone that hasnt been on mtv. i mean ANYONE (but then again, thats most of my school besides like 5 people).

Its just so weird that within a week, I have two of my friends wanting the exact same thing from me: my music knowledge to impress a guy that they have a crush on. dont get me wrong, i'm more than happy to help both of them. i love being helpful. especially when it comes to music.

i've decided i could talk about music for hours and hours with someone if i didnt care about making a fool out of myself. :-)
hell's kitten


Okay, when I'm driving around, I often pass by this certain house. There's always a specific car parked in front of it, too. It's a little aqua green car, and it NEVER moves...I mean *never*. I've gotten really curious as to who owns it, now, too. They have a powerpuff girls bumper sticker, a Linux bumper sticker, a bumper stick that says "fsck" and a bumper sticker that says "M.A.D.S"....I dont know what mads stands for, but the other three are quite an intriguing combonation. But it NEVER leaves that house! Its not even in a garage or anything...its just parked on the street in front. Curiouser and curiouser....