April 21st, 2002

hell's kitten

i cried again

god, that just depressed me to the max. i just watched Jammed on mtv with *gulp* blink 182. i was just overwhelmed with jealousy and anger that these....people.....got to see them. these people that had nothing else to say about blink except "travis is so adorable" and "mark is SO hot!!!" and when you say to them "cheshire cat" they think "alice in wonderland." fuckin' A I just want to punch all their faces in. plus, probably all of them will have the chance to go to pop disaster. me? i wish....

at the end of it, travis said "i wish someone would've done that for me when i was younger" yeah, ME TOO!!!!

if you're going on a nation wide tour, then separately, you're going to a private little concert, at least do the little concert NOT at a place where you're doing the big tour. FUCKIN A!!!!

damn, i'm so bitter

hell's kitten

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and fuckin warped isnt coming here, neither is mest, or even ozzfest. the radio here SUCKS ASS so its not like they're gonna bring any decent bands, i'm being bombarded my spam, and tomorrow's monday. i swear, i'm gonna explode any moment. right now, this is the only thing that will bring even a hint of a smile to my face.