April 26th, 2002

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ellie's survey

Do you swear a lot?
quiz by maikamariel

According to the "Which
Something Corporate Song Are You?
" Test...

1. What's your favorite genre of music? punk, ska, hardcore
2. What do you love most about music? every single thing about it
3. Who do you think is more important to the history of rock, Kurt Cobain or Elvis? uhhh... they were both equally important
4. What's your favorite band? i can't name them all
5. Are you into punk? oh yes
6. Do you like heavy metal? usually
7. What do you think of the 80's hair spray bands? depends
8. Is Jonathan Davis a hot mother fucker? he's definitely not hot, but korn's pretty cool
10. What 3 songs best describe your life so far? i havent thought about that
11. Do you think blink-182 are sell outs? nah, i dont think so. i will admit they have gotten more "pop" but they're still one of my #1 fav bands
12. Do you think KoRn are sell outs? no
13. Do you know what A.D.I.D.A.S. means? yes. haha that's a funny song
14. Are you just sitting there, waiting for pop music to die? no, i'm helping it to die
15. Is Marilyn Manson's music satanic? no. have you actually listened to (or read) the lyrics? marilyn manson is an awesome guy.
16. What's the one CD that you're embarrassed to own? i wouldnt say embarrassed, but you'd be surprised to know i own the first 2 bsb cds and the first 2 nsync cds
17. Who has the sexiest voice? chester b from LP or scott from UL

Alice in Chains? sure... poor layne staley...
Black Label Society? havent heard em
KISS? sure. i got to talk to paul stanley on the phone one time
AC/DC? not really
Lynyrd Skynyrd? cant remember what they sound like
Exodus? same as above
Venom? who?
Motorhead? havent heard em
Alice Cooper? kinda
Black Sabbath? yep
Ted Nugent? havent heard him
KoRn? sure
Nirvana? yes
LIT? yes
Jimmy Eat World? of course
The Color? what?
Sugarcult? definitely. i'm planning on buying their cd this weekend.
No Doubt? tragic kingdom was pretty good, but they suck now
Metallica? they guys are fucking assholes (except the bassist cuz he left) but the music is pretty good
Matchbox 20? they're pretty cool
SR71? i dont know...im neutral on them
Marilyn Manson? yes
Handsome Devil? i've only heard one song by them, but....sure, why not
Fuel? i used to
System Of A Down? yes
Sex Art? who?
Orgy? yeah. they need a new cd, though
blink-182? definitely. cheshire cat rules
Disturbed? hell yeah
Garbage? not really
Bush? yep
The Vandals? kinda
NOFX? yes
Saves the Day? yep
Good Charlotte? of course
New Found Glory? of course
Linkin Park? hell yeah
Bad Religion? YES
Weezer? no..the music's nothing special and river's not very nice
Get Up Kids? havent heard much by them
Green Day? HELL YEAH
Eve6? the first cd was pretty good
The Goo Goo Dolls? kinda
The Ramones? HELL YES
Slipknot? kinda
Unwritten Law? OF COURSE
Kittie? maybe if i'm really mad
Papa Roach? whatever happened to them? but yeah
Anti-Flag? yes
Sublime? sure
The Clash? yes
Sex Pistols? yep (how many other ways to say "yes" are there?)

I see: my computer screen...
I need: to go to school
I find: ummm....my friend found elva in my car almost all scratched up..i almost cried
I want: lots of things
I have: a towel on my head
I wish: i hadn't missed ATR last night
I love: you!
I hate: closed minded assholes....and all assholes and dickwads in general
I miss: big cities
I fear: hmmm...not sure what to say on this one.
I feel: pissed
I hear: NOFX
I smell: cheese from my hot pocket
I wonder: why the hell i have a D in english
I regret: falling asleep WAY too early last night...in my clothes with all the lights on still and not realizing it until i woke up

***When was the last time you...

Smiled? just a second ago while reading ellie's answer to this.
Laughed? same
Bought something? cant remember
Danced? i dont dance, sorry
Were sarcastic? definitely some time today...dont know when exactly
Kissed someone? ....?
Watched your favorite movie? i dont really have a fav movie
Had a nightmare? i haven't ever gotten one

***Do You...***

Smoke? no
Do drugs? no
Have sex? no
Sleep with stuffed animals? no
Live in the moment? try to, but i doubt it
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? ...
Have a dream that keeps coming back? no, but i have dreams that take place in a setting that i'm positive i've dreamed in before, but i havent. that has nothing to do with anything, tho
Play an instrument? piano, cello (kinda)
Believe there is life on other planets? probably. "if not, thats a huge waste of space"
Intelligent? do i intelligent?
Read the newspaper? sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends? not sure... if they are, they haven't told me. I have gay acquaintances, tho
Believe in miracles? maybe
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others? hell yes
Consider love a mistake? no
Like the taste of alcohol? YICK NO. i havent found any yet, at least. i hate the smell of beer, and refuse to try it. i had a margarita in paris that wasnt too tasty, and i've tried 3 different kinds of wine that were absolutely HORRIBLE
Have a favorite candy? yes
Believe in astrology? i dont think horoscopes come true or think that "the stars were lined up right" or whatever, if that's what you're asking
Believe in magic? no
Believe in God? im agnostic
Pray? no
Go to church? no
Have any secrets? we all do. i think everything about me, at least one person knows, but no one person knows them all
Have any pets? 1 cat
Do well in school? yes unfortunately
Go to or plan to go to college? yes
Have any piercings? the plain normal 1 in each ear
Have any tattoos? no, but i probably will
Hate yourself? no
Have an obsession? yes
Collect anything? im a packrat (i think thats what its called)
Have a best friend? not really a *best* friend
Wish on stars? not really....i did the other night, tho, just for fun
Like your handwriting? not really
Have any bad habits? yes

.about you.
x. name- serafina
x. nicknames- sefra, nina
x. location- NM
x. height- 5'9"
x. siblings- 2 older bros

.do you think you are.
x. pretty- i don't give a crap really, but no
x. funny- not really
x. friendly- too much (not like that you dirty minds, you)
x. amusing- i can be
x. retarded- no
x. ugly- ummm...?
x. loveable- i guess so?
x. pessimistic- not usually
x. optimistic- usually
x. caring- yeah
x. sweet- depends
x. dorky- can be
x. blonde - yep. naturally too. :-D

hell's kitten

damn...i fell asleep

I'm kinda pissed. last night, i was just laying on my bed, watching tv, and the next thing i knew, i woke up and it was 630 and time to get ready for school. i think i fell asleep around 1130....but i'm not sure. if you know me, or pay attention to the times on my L:J, you know thats REALLY early for me. i still had my clothes on, and several lights around the house were on, and i was just completely not ready to sleep yet. Anyway, as a result, i missed taping ATR last night. And i just found out that i missed unwritten law on last call. :-( but it wouldn't have mattered cuz i thought they were on tonight.

LOL!!! remember when i said juliana, kira, emmy, ali and others went to the incubus concert? well juliana told me that he looked like an "anorexic guy that doesn't know how to wear pants" cuz his pants were *really* baggy and he wasnt wearing boxers. "if he had had boxers, it would've been okay, but that was just gross" But ali and emmy strongly disagree, think he's the hottest guy on the face of this earth and are obsessed with finding pictures of them and carrying them around school. well, actually only emmy carries around the pictures, but that's just to get attention (im not even being sarcastic or mean or anything...she seriously is desparate for attention).
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J-HO, another sequel,

This is disgusting

SHES IN HIGH HEELS!!!!! you cant play baseball in high heels!! and could those shorts BE any shorter? and i'm sure those sweaty shirtless guys behind here are allstar players, too...

i swear, every time i turn around, theres another sequel. make way for legally blonde 2!!! (im not even kidding....im serious...i heard it on tv just a second ago)

hehe..."his head is the same shape as his neck!!!" ~Rhiannon, during the argument over if The Rock is hot or not (he's not).
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Oh, and Holly said i'm fun to talk to. Kira overheard her say that earlier today. and holly's not the kind of person to say something nice just because kira was there. if she didnt like me, she'd say so. So theres a point for my ego. :-) *its the little things! little things!!*
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Did I mention the Osbournes action figures? God, I just HATE pop culture sometimes.

And I took the Drive-thru sticker off my binder. I decided i dont like them.