April 28th, 2002

hell's kitten

mest, mall

Any Mest fan who hasn't bought MMM40'z off their website, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. It's only $14, and that includes the price of the CD, shipping and handling, AND a mest sticker! I got mine yesterday, and I didnt even notice the sticker until i was about to go to bed. They dont mention it on the site, and i was too excited about the cd. Anyway, BUY IT!!!!!

I was at the mall today. Highlights:

I was at a bookstore looking for magazines (specifically AP, which it turns out they dont carry) and there were two guys about in their mid-20s discussing music. I started paying attention to their convo when i heard: "but seeing Blink 182 is gonna be awesome..." guy #2: "but you're not going to" guy #1: "yes i am. i'll walk to denver if i have to" (for those of you who dont know, pop disaster isnt coming here, and denver, the closest, is an 8hour drive away). i found that pretty amusing. they talked about how issues sucked and follow the leader was better. "all the new bands suck like puddle of mudd and drowning pool". Then they talked about which guitars were good to buy. I even pretended to be interested in a mag so i could listen, but i decided to leave after not too long, i didnt want them to think i was eavesdropping (hehe)

I saw a guy that looked almost exactly like Jeremiah of Mest. I did a double take, and he caught me, and smiled. That was highly amusing.

I bought start static, by sugarcult, and UL's s/t.

Find your emotion!

Um....or NOT!

Who are YOU most like?

Okay, I can live with that. :-)

You are 40% evil! [?]

You're more good than evil, but not by much. You've drank straight from the carton of milk in the refrigerator, and maybe kicked the neighbor's cat, but you're still good. Kinda.

Hehe...I'm not even that evil. and i've never kicked a cat! how dare you accuse me of such evilness!!!! :-(

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