May 1st, 2002

hell's kitten

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They played Basketcase on ATR last night...I was extremely happy to see that. They're also moving that show to an earlier time. Still later than I want to be up, but better.

I was cruising by myself today cuz I was bored (i know i'm a dork) and I swear I saw James in the car in front of me....but I'm not sure.

I can't wait until mom will let me drive to ABQ by myself. I'd be there 24/7 if I could. Well, actually, if i *could*, I'd move to NYC....but thats not gonna happen for at *least* several more years.

I'm bored......If I'm online, that usually means I'm bored, so IM me anytime: AIM: OophyxiusoO
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hell's kitten


Eminem is awesome....I know most of the people who read my journal don't listen to him, but does anyone know when his new CD is coming out?