May 12th, 2002

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Which car are you?

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hell&#39;s kitten


My favorite bands as of late (thats a weird phrase) are: Green Day, Blink 182, Unwritten Law, The*Pennyroyals, Good Charlotttte, Mest. There are many more...too many to name, but if someone asks me, thats my answer. You cant tell anything by looking at what my current song is in my LJ. My playlist consists of every mp3 I've ever downloaded and every cd I've ever owned (I dont like to sell cds or delete never know) and its on random. And I'm usually too lazy to change it if its a song I dont like, unless I REALLY dont like it. And freeamp automatically detects it, so I often forget that I'm posting my current song. So if you see an occasional backstreet boys or something, thats life. I like (almost) every genre of music. Yes, I'm more into what they call "punk" but it doesnt mean I'm exclusive. See? Look now...its metallica. Before this it was Ace of Base. Get over it.
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I was at the grocery store earlier and I saw Tory there...he smiled at me. That's weird considering he's one of those stuck-up seniors who thinks he's king of the world. And I'm just a sophomore.
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This is kinda old news, but something just reminded me of it.

I was in the car with my mom the other day and i had my drive-thru compilation playing and konstantine came on. I thought she'd like it cuz its all piano-y and pretty. but of course she spaced out for the whole damn nine and a half minutes except for the part where he goes "doesnt she look good standing there in her underwear" and now she calls it the underwear song...i'm like mom....thats NOT what its about!!!!
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