May 14th, 2002

hell's kitten


lol...yep, thats me...

I am 42% evil.
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lol...what cute lil devil!!

Take the Which Repulsive Food Item Are You? quiz, by ProtocolDroid.

EEEEEWWWWWWWW...i saw an episode of fear factor where they had to eat century-old eggs but they never said anything about horse urine...i wonder if thats the same thing?

Take the Which Cartoon Character on Drugs are you? quiz, by ProtocolDroid.

on the last question i wanted to answer it with "we'll let you know...HEY!"

find your element

That whole test was horrible. I'd hate for that to happen to me....just horrible....

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hell&#39;s kitten

(no subject)

Holly painted my nails pink today in geometry...they're purty. :-) and DAMN IT I LIKE THEM. GET OVER IT!
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hell&#39;s kitten

moody freeamp

i freeamp has moods. i have my whole playlist on random, and it gets in these moods...right now it's in a metallica mood. each day it picks its favorite artists and plays like twice as many songs by them as by anyone else. and its not that i have more songs by those people either. i only have 3 metallica cds, as opposed to 7 green day and 7 blink and it hasnt been in a blink or GD mood since i got it....weird...
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hell&#39;s kitten

weird injury

OKay, I just got the weirdest looking injury. I was rollerblading and i grabbed ahold of this wooden post thing but i was going kinda fast so it scraped the inside of my forearm. but i didnt let go, so it wasnt really a scrape. Its a hole. I swear its a hole. a really tiny hole about 1cm diameter. it looks like a vampire bite like you'd see in movies. its so weird...its not deep at all, tho, and its not like there was a nail or something that stabbed was just the wood....again, weird...
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