May 20th, 2002

hell's kitten

SbtB, last sunday, "owns"?!?!??

I tried finding out when Saved By the bell is on tv. I was unsuccessful. Please tell me it's still on syndication somewhere...Anyone know? And I'm not talking about the crappy "the new class"...i want the original.

Today is the last Sunday of the school year. Yay.

Something that bugs me: when people use the phrase "that owns" or the word "own" with the meaning "cool" owns what??!?!? It doesnt even have a basis that I can figure out.
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hell's kitten

f'ing govt, 12 signs, sequel

FUCKING GOVERNMENT!!!!!! - Read it all. All of it...I command you.


Another sequel: Resident Evil

12 signs you may be too wired

1) You dream in Javascript and HTML
2) You're seriously considering buying a Global Positioning Satellite reciever, even though you never leave the house.
3) You stumble upon a website link that lets you watch streaming video of somebody's coffee machine in Denmark for 13 hours a day...and you click on it.
4) You spend so much time on sports websites, Internet fantasy leagues and instant score pager services that you haven't actually seen a game in years!
5) Instead of laughing out loud when you find something in the real world just say LOL!
6) You actually think that "What's your modem speed?" is a good pick-up line
7) Your idea of roughing it is vacationing someplace where they oinly have 28.8Kbps dial-up access to the Internet.
8) You once sent E-mail from your laptop to the PDA in your pocket, with a cc to the internet-capable cell phone in your other pocket just to see if you could.
9) You need a password-protected list of all your other passwords.
10) That coffee machine in Denmark site you clicked on? You bookmarked it.
11) Whenever you fly, you get uncontrollable shakes, sweatiness and dizziness - but only until the flight attendants announce that you can turn all of your electronic devices back on.
12) Each week, you spend 20 hours looking for Napster-type websites that still exist, 35 hours downloading mp3 music files, and eight minutes listening to them.

~I'm guilty of #s: 5, 7, somewhat 11, and 12
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yay for qta

Yay! Apparantly my favorite local band, QTA, is getting recognized out-of-state. Heres their website. If you live in or around denver, colorado springs, el paso, ft collins, or phoenix, go see them!!! If you dont, download some songs.
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BOO YA!!!!

The major music labels have been testing copy-protection technology on several new releases. However, Sony Music's copy protection, probably the end result of countless hours of work, has been broken already by common office stationery. To crack Sony Music's elaborate copy-protection system, simply scribble around the rim of the disc with a felt-tip marker.

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