May 26th, 2002

hell's kitten

satanic bible, pink floyd, ehren, cds....yeah

dammit....these cds are supposed to be enhanced, but nothings there. :-( if anyone has darrin's coconut ass or stomping ground by goldfinger and has figured it out, please let me know.

anybody heard of kmfdm? megan and her friends jenny and ehren introduced me to them yesterday. they're not bad if you like hard rock. they sound like rammstein but in english.

why are people in socorro so fucked up?? i swear, everyone i know besides me is seriously suicidal. its driving me crazy trying to help them. everyone is socorro is fucked up and depressed, and everyone in abq is mean and/or suicidal. wonderful. i'm moving ASAP!!!!!! dont get me wrong. i want to help them. i guess its just that i dont understand how or why anyone would want to or could kill themselves. i dont like pain. its not a nice thing. i just dont see how anyone could actually do that. if you're reading this and are depressed and are my friend (or not, i dont care) please talk to me. i dont want you to die. i dont want any of my friends to die. :-(

hehe...i had a fun weekend. i read the satanic bible, watched pink floyd the wall, and ate ice cream cake. :-D

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