May 30th, 2002

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ariane/julika's party, more quizzes

Wow! Steve signed my guestbook! (so should you...)

I went to Julika and Ariane's going away party/Ariane's 18th birthday. It was at Julika's house. Well, her host house (she's a foreign exchange student from's ariane, and they're going back there this week). Julika got the luckiness ( word) to live with the Tripps. Don Tripp is some big rich politician guy. Representative or something...I'm not quite sure. Anyway, he had a huge house. The guesthouse alone had 3 bathrooms. They had a pool. Thats where I spent most of my time.

I just bought a new swimming suit, and Juliana says it looks like Emmy's. It's so weird that Emmy and I have, like, everything in common, but we're bitter enemies. At least once a week Juliana points out a similarity between us. I think it's funny. Maybe Emmy doesnt like herself. It would make sense.... and lauren talked about satanism, and I said I dont see how anyone who reads the satanic bible could NOT agree with it. They say before everything,
"question everything" and one of the "satanic sins" is stupidity. i love it. i'll post more info on it later.

The party wasn't boring, but it was uneventful. Juliana Lauren and Kira were there...Neil Sabol, Laura Glenn-Denning and some other girl I dont know, those three kinda outcasted themselves.

Julika gave me her rollerblades. :-D i needed new ones (kinda). she didnt wanna take them back to germany cuz they're so bulky and i just happened to be the the first one to speak up when she asked who was a size 9. i'm actually a size 10/11 but rollerblade sizes are weird.

I'm not legally allowed to drive after midnight, but I got out of needing to call my mom when i got home, so as far as she was concerned, I couldve gotten home at 4am and she wouldn't've (yes, a double should be allowed) known the difference (she sleeps at dicks house...her boyfriend/fiancee(?))) (3 didnt feel like using brackets). ANYWAY...I got home at 12:30. i knew there was no way a cop would stop me on the way home. it takes like 5 minutes from the tripps to here. plus, our cops are lazy bitches that wouldnt bother, and i could probably flirt my way out of, anyway. lol...

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funny....PM and ads

That is really funny.....The news just said that kids/teens exposed to ads made by philip morris saying "think. don't smoke" are more likely to start smoking. thats really funny. But PM says theyre "confident" that their ads do what is intended. yeah, sure. They probably put subliminal messages or something. And they're forcing PM to take those ads out. But the news also said that the ads Truth puts out really does work.
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That Kidz Bop ad makes me physically ill
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