June 9th, 2002

hell's kitten

noooooooo...........qta break up?

*sniff*....one of my favorite bands and my favorite local band wont be around much longer....:-(

from spastic gnomes:

What plans does the band have in their future?
Jason: Hahaha! We plan to burn out! We've got a summer tour planned in the southwest, and possibly a new album, but in late August I'm moving to Portland, Oregon for school and the great music scene they've got out there. There's a chance that Luc will go out there too, in which case we'll keep QTA going. Otherwise, I'll start a new band out there, Luc will start one in Colorado Springs, Mark already has a pop-punk band called Firehydrant, and I think Olan plans to start an Indie-rock.

It wont be the same....:-(
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hell's kitten


this sucks!!!!!!! **** might leave ****, qta wont be around after august....what next? *sniff*
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