June 10th, 2002

hell's kitten

new icon

Like my new icon? :-D

"That would make a cool shirt!" ~Kira (the top and bottom hand)
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hell's kitten

haha AP

I got my new issue of AP today...I was reading the letters that people send in and these two struck me as funny:

"I've been a Sum 41 fan since Oct.6, 2000, and I want to thank you for putting them on the cover of issue 165. Because of them I've been motivated to play the guitar, and I even cut my hair short to the ears. My friends like to spike my hair. If you don't like Sum 41, you are crazy. They are the hottest Canadians on Earth, and I think that everybody should go to their concerts."

Well, I guess I'm crazy, then. Here's the one after it..

"Please do me the favor of never putting Sum 41 on the cover of your magazine again unless they are decapitated."

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hell's kitten

(no subject)

Damn media. Because of AP magazine, I now know what rufio, thrice, finch, midtown, nfg and millencolin look like. i've always loved those bands, but never knew what they looked like...until now.

And now Korn is turning into metallica...:-P

On the good side, I just got keepsake's new cd. You know when it comes out? tomorrow... :-D
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