June 14th, 2002

hell's kitten

soad and nm

It's just a matter of time before I lose my play button...

People piss me off. I'm listening to loveline and system of a down are on. Some girl from tucson calls up and gets all pissy that they never go to tucson, that the closest they get is phoenix. thats 2 fucking hours away. when i say a band is coming here, i mean abq, an hour and a half away. its a given. be fucking happy for what you fucking get. just drive the 2 fucking hours to phoenix and stop bitching.

BUT...maybe soad will come here. cuz before that, there went a little something like this:
girl on phone: when are you coming to albuquerque?
adam: well, maybe ozzfest will stop there. (yeah, right...)
soad (shavo or john...dont remember): yeah, thats right...we've never been to new mexico...thats in new mexico, right?

first, i was ecstatic someone mentioned abq on a national radio show. second, ozzfest? here? yeah, right... third, yay! he knew where abq is!
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hell's kitten

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Hollywood may have decided that it is cheaper to let a few people copy than spend money on protection.


I'm listening to the radio, and they're doing the request lunch hour thing. I remember hearing someone call and request chop suey by soad, and i remember the dj later saying "that was chop suey" but i do NOT remember actually hearing chop suey...i must've really zoned out...damn...
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hell's kitten

work and edgefest

day at work:
mr. z bought about $50 worth of stuff and left without paying...it was pretty funny. no one noticed for a while, and he got away. one good thing about living in a small town, everyone's friends...someone will be able to track him down.

some guy: so was your hair green and then you bleached it blonde?
me: yeah, thats it...

kendall has an afro!!!

jason's cuuute. i like him. he's so nice to me, too. he's turning 17 next tuesday.

i only work 2 days next week. :-D

im getting less and less excited about edgefest. i only like two bands out of 16. not a good ratio. i've decided we can leave early, though. the last band is POD, and i hate them. they play from 830 - 945 so we can leave at 830 and beat the traffic. :-D their rules are ridiculous, though. you're allowed to bring one bottle of water no larger than a gallon, and they're gonna take the cap off before entering. i dont get that. why cant we have caps?? :-( you cant bring a backpack, but you can bring a fannypack. i wonder if there's a size requirement or something. cuz what if i have a bag that's neither? they say no video cameras, but they dont mention regular cameras, so i'm hoping my digital camera will be ok. that way i can take 500 pictures without needing film or anything. :-D
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