June 15th, 2002

hell's kitten


Yesterday I saw a guy at smiths that looked almost exactly like jake smith. today, he was back again. He really really really really looked like jake, but kinda didnt. I havent seen jake in 2 years, so i wouldnt know for sure, but its possible. although, why he'd be in socorro at smiths 2 nights in a row is beyond me. he had a backwards black hat, about 3 eyebrow piercings in the same eyebrow, a chain necklace with a padlock on it, a twizted shirt, i dont remember what kinda of pants, but he had a huge chain on them. it wouldnt surprise me if thats what jake looks like now. dammit...i wanna know who that guy is!!! even if he's not jake, maybe he just moved here and is going to shs next year...ooooh...that'd be interesting.
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hell's kitten

my damn name

why is my name so damn hard to get right??? it's pronounced like it's spelled. se-ra-fi-na.

person: nice to meet you...*looks at my name tag* stephanie.
me: serafina.
person: oh, sorry, i just saw the "s"

there are a million "s" names. and since when do we read words just by the first letter? even smarterchild can get "serafina"....lol
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