June 18th, 2002

hell's kitten

anyone wanna help us?

WildnLoudKiki [1:02 AM]: ahhhh! soni does that to you to? i seriously just want my damn video!!
O o phyxius o O [1:02 AM]: now whats pissing me off even more is she told me i was the only one who hadnt gotten it...
O o phyxius o O [1:02 AM]: bitch...
WildnLoudKiki [1:05 AM]: yess!! she told me like seriously got my money like 8-9 months ago, i know it was octoberish. rite by halloween she emailed me and was like ohh i got your money it wil be sent out on the weekend, did it ever come?? NO. then she will ignore when its brought up on the eteam, its like dude, i paid for a video, why dont you just send it and give us both less probs!?!?
O o phyxius o O [1:09 AM]: i know...
O o phyxius o O [1:09 AM]: or at least send the money back
O o phyxius o O [1:10 AM]: but see the thing is...about a week after she said she got my money i IMed her and she's like "oh, i just sent it today" then a week later i didnt get it and I IMed her and she said " i just sent it today"....so she said that twice...2 different times....she lied one of the times
WildnLoudKiki [1:12 AM]: ohh, she said like the same thing to me! then she blamed it on ME! she was like well i sent it out , it mustve got lost in the mail sorta shit, im like well maybe it wasnt even sent out in the 1st place, then she got off. shes avoiding us bc she is ripping us off and she knows it and so do we!
O o phyxius o O [1:12 AM]: i know...damn her
WildnLoudKiki [1:13 AM]: such a bitch! grrrr
O o phyxius o O [1:13 AM]: i IMed her the other day and she's like "i'm talking to my friend who just broke up with her boyfriend and she really needs me right now so can i IM you in like 30 min?"
O o phyxius o O [1:13 AM]: i'm like...suuure...
O o phyxius o O [1:13 AM]: and then she just got off like 20 minutes later
WildnLoudKiki [1:14 AM]: o0o0o what a freaking ripping off bitch! i will IM her and shes like im about to eat or leave or some lameass excuse shes like i will IM you when i get back sorta shit, im like yea okay thats gonna happen
O o phyxius o O [1:15 AM]: i know...
WildnLoudKiki [1:15 AM]: hmm we should do something to her but i have no idea what! lol
O o phyxius o O [1:15 AM]: i know...
O o phyxius o O [1:15 AM]: we should find someone to hack her
WildnLoudKiki [1:17 AM]: o0o0o we should! hmm...i dunno cant you give someone a virus? or like bomb mail them with like so many emails it ruins thier account
O o phyxius o O [1:17 AM]: lol
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hell's kitten

damn computer...and quizzes

I spent like a half an hour trying to fix my taskbar to be arranged the way i want it. heres how i like it:

but it wouldnt give me two lines for the open programs. it kept insisting that the icons and address bar needed the top two lines and i couldnt convince it that they didnt. i still dont know how i did it. i challenge everyone reading this to try and arrange theirs like mine. see if you can do it. i dare you. i DARE you...

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hell's kitten

damn taskbar

GODDDDDDAMMMMNNN MY TASKBAR TO HELLL!!!!!!!!!! Heres what its doing:

And now ellie says she got it....my computer hates me...i swear...
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(no subject)

BITCH!!! LJ doesnt like special codes...so some of that previous entry wont make sense...you should be able to figure it out, though.
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yay drowning fish

My drowning fish cd came today. the one that cost a dollar....for 15 songs and 61 minutes...:-D and they signed it too...its all personalized. it made me feel special.
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