June 19th, 2002

hell's kitten


damn it, why couldn't i have had a nice flying dream again last night? nooo...instead it was scary. i was in this house..kinda a bed & breakfast type thing. and there was dead decomposing people all around, but the owner couldnt get rid of them because they were the main ingredient in bread. and she told me that like it was common knowledge. of course...silly me. you cant make bread without dead people... and then a hand threatened me. a dead, decomposing hand threatened me. I called my mom on the phone, but our conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door:

me: hold on, mom..*yells* who is it?
voice outside: it's us!
me: ummm....who??
voice: simple plan!
me: *sighs* mom, i gotta go.

then i answered the door and david hugged and comforted me cuz i was still freaked out about the hand.
hell's kitten

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from ap.net:

Two Thumbs Down..
To the RIAA for shutting down AudioGalaxy. AG always complied with every request to have music removed from their site - I think the suits out there don't have anything better to do. We need another cold war or something, get those assholes doing some spy work on the Russians - leave music alone.
I agree...damn them...
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i HATE it when LJ doesnt work...because I cant rant about it in LJ. Right now, the client isn't working. i HATE using the webpage. DAMN it...
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O o phyxius o O [12:30 AM]: we have no venue at all where i live
O o phyxius o O [12:30 AM]: nothing
WildnLoudKiki [12:31 AM]: aww damn, i vote you make one up and like book a band to come and just be like well, the venue is ahh it burnt down, but wierdly enough my house is rite there! haha
O o phyxius o O [12:32 AM]: lol
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I've decided sleeping is more fun than staying up late online. Good night.
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