July 3rd, 2002

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This is so bad it's good (or maybe you just have to be hyper at 4am to laugh at it):

Why did the orange stop?
Because it ran out of juice.
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Bjohnedwards1 [3:57 AM]: would you be interested in making 50 or more dollars per hour?
O o phyxius o O [3:58 AM]: nah, i like being poor
O o phyxius o O [3:58 AM]: my cardboard box makes a nice house. :-D
Bjohnedwards1 [3:58 AM]: phone sex perator
O o phyxius o O [3:59 AM]: did you hear me? i'm a bum and i like it
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Heres another bad joke....so bad that its past bad, reached good, gone past that, and is back to bad again.

Why did Tigger open the toilet?
He was looking for Pooh.
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wes and LB

This is kinda old news, but I hadnt heard it. This was posted in a message board on may 31st, but it might be older than that

Former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist WES BORLAND is ignoring his former bandmate FRED DURST's pleas to rejoin the band.

Durst pleaded for Borland to come back, after the ROLLIN' group unsuccessfully searched America looking for a replacement.

But Borland has laughed off Durst's request and told fans on his EAT THE DAY website how he stands on the issue.

Borland says, "As many of you know my e-mail was recently posted on another site, and the person who posted it asked everyone to tell me to come back to my former band. I have to say that I immediately wanted to shut the account down, but ended up leaving it up for a while to see what kind of response I got.

"Although I did not read the hundreds of e-mails themselves, I took time to browse over the subject titles. 75 per cent or more of all the e-mails pleaded for me not to return. I was amazed. Thank you all for the support.

"You again have let me know that you agree with my decision."

:-) Yay wes. LB sucks.
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people at work...

There was a guy with a shirt from theonion.com that said " It's not a crack house....It's a crack home." Oh, and Brad Pitt was back :-) There was another guy that had a shirt that said "I love animals" and I smiled. Then he got closer and i saw the fine print..."they're delicious". Okay, i know i'm not a vegitarian (yet),but thats just mean.

I was walking out of the door to go home from work, and my boss stops me and says "you're supposed to leave at 10, but since you're already leaving, go ahead, I'll make her *points to someone who was also supposed to leave at 8* stay until 9". i SWEAR my schedule said 20:00...that's 8, isnt it? so all the way home, i was feeling guilty about making someone else stay longer and feeling scared that i really was wrong. i got home and it turns out i was right. i was supposed to leave at 8. so :-P...its not my fault my boss cant count...

I love home town hero's "questions"...i love that song...i love it. i need to find mp3s of more of their songs. I only have that and "eighteen".
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i love having a unique name...sometimes...

someone told me...

"i was watchin Cheers the other day and one of Carla's daughters' name was Serafina"

I've never seen cheers...never had the urge to, and it always seems too boring, but thats cool. :-D

some people at work still cant say my name right....please tell me...is it REALLY that hard? it's pronounced like it's spelled - "serafina" people like to add letters and move them around or leave them out... - "sarah-feenuh"...people like to say "sefrina", or completely different ones like "serena" or "stephanie"....i dont get it....never will...
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From gloryfades:

do it or else. leave it in a comment.

1. What is my name?
2. Where did we meet?
3. Take a stab at my middle name:
4. How long have you known me?
5. When was the last time we saw each other?
6. Do I smoke?
7. Do I drink alcohol?
8. Have we ever partied together?
9. If so, do we have a good time when we party together?
10. Do I believe in God?
11. When you first saw me, what was your first impression of me (honestly!)?
12. Before we ever knew each other well, did you ever think we would be friends?
13. Why?
15. Birthday?
16. Hair colour?
17. Eye colour?
18. Do I have any siblings?
19. Have you ever had a crush on me?
20. Have you ever been jealous of me?
21. Do you hold trust in me?
22. What's one of my favourite things to do outdoors? What's one of my favourite things to do indoors?
24. Do you remember on of the first things I ever said to you?
25. What's my favourite type of music?
26. Is there one song in particular that would remind you of me?
27. Do you think I have ever watched a porno?
28. Why?
29. What would you say is my best feature?
30. Would you say that I'm shy or outgoing?
31. Does this work to my advantage or disadvantage?
32. If you could set me up with one person in the WHOLE world, who would it be?
33. Would you say that I'm funny?
34. What is my favourite food?
35. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?
36. Do you have any crazy or funny memories of me?
37. Do you consider me an acquaintance, a friend, or a close friend?
38. Would you call me preppy, slutty, average, sporty, punk, glam, nerdy snobby, or something different?
39. What would you think is a good nickname for me?
40. Are my parents together?
41. Do I have a nice ass?
42. Have you ever seen me cry?
43. If so, do you remember why?
44. Have we ever talked about personal things?
45. In general, do you think I am a happy or crabby person?
46. If I had broccoli stuck in my teeth would you tell me?
47. Do I have any obsessions?
48. Do I have any weird or different habits?
49. What's your favourite memory of me?
50. What's my favourite saying(s)?
51. If you could describe me in one sentence or phrase, what would it be?
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WANTED: song name

The music in my previous post looks like that because I downloaded a song labeled something, but i KNOW that's not what it was. So I have a song that I like but have no idea who it is or what it's called. Here's some lyrics...if you know what it is, please tell me...

rollin down my face
the taste of summer
dies upon my breath

things we live to regret oh yeah
i wont say goodbye
so you know i mean it
now i'm on my way
i wont leave a note
and each day that goes by
you dont see me
when im gone, im gone
yeah, im gone

when all ifeel is the end
and all i see is the end
takes a piece of me as it subsides

i'm gone, yeah

rollin down my face
i can feel the angels
no emotion

i can feel the rain
i can feel the rain, yeah

on my skin
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OOHH!!! I just found out the queers covers macarthurs park!!! but aimster doesnt have it and morpheus and kazaa hate me. if anyone wants to be nice and download that song and send it to me, i'll love you. The Queers - "Macarthur's Park"
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