July 19th, 2002

hell's kitten

stuff...and quizzes

"Brad pitt" was back at smiths today. :-) I've decided that's my only motivation for not getting fired. oh, that, and the, uh..money thing...yeah...

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton are getting a divorce. Aww....I'm usually not into the whole gossip-thing, but that sucks. :-(

Holy crap. I'm going to be a junior in less than a month. A junior...that's the one before senior. Senior is the last one. Junior is 3/4 through high school. 11/12 through school period. I'm scared! :-( I really want to be on my own and independent and shit, but...damn...that time's almost here (well, maybe "almost" is an exaggeration, but still). AH!

I realize I havent seen my kitty in a few hours. That's unusual. So I walk around the house, calling him (like that does anything...) and look for him. I dont see him anywhere. I begin to get a little worried, but can't imagine what harm he could run into in the house... I look everywhere and cant find him. I begin to get a lot worried. I search the house for another 15 minutes or so and still cant find him. Deciding to give him a little time, I sit back down at the computer and less than 10 seconds after i do, guess who comes sauntering in the room? *sigh*....he knows he owns me.

What do you mean bacon's not a fruit?!?

Sorry, your account type doesn't permit usage of the directory. BITCH! Anyone with a paid account want to find me the usernames of people in Socorro, New Mexico?

That guy that you people were supposed to guess but no one did...it was Wade...unwritten law's drummer.

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hell's kitten

its too damn hot...

It's SO hot. We have a swamp cooler instead of the regular A/C, and since it just rained yesterday (*gasp* imagine that!), it's slightly humid outside, so the SC is shit. Anyone have any suggestions?
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radio changing...

They played X on the radio this morning. They played the Sex Pistols yesterday. Granted, it was the "request hour", but they never play any requests unless they are radio-approved. So X and the Sex Pistols are radio-friendly now? Hmmm....
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good mozilla. bad rain. good/bad warnings

Another good thing about Mozilla: It doesnt have that crappy "this page cannot be found" page. It just stays on the page you were at, or keeps however much that page has loaded and gives you a popup explaining the problem. I'm definitely liking this. Although...for some reason, it claimed all my .jpeg files. It wasnt that hard to fix...just annoying. But, another good thing which I've already mentioned...is the tabs. I like these tabs. I can have 4 different websites open and I dont have to have 4 separate windows. AND it shows me when it's done loading without selecting that tab. Me like. :-D

Noel Gallagher called Kylie Minogue a "demonic little idiot with a stupid name"...thats the funniest thing I've heard all day. :-D

Bad rain. I've gotten kicked offline 5 times in the past 10 minutes (twice while writing this), and I have reason to believe that it's the rain's fault. We havent had rain in a GREAT long while, and it is welcomed, since it does also cool off everything...but....dammit...DONT KICK ME OFF!!!


I was watching a commercial for Vans and they had a bunch of skateboarders doing what skateboarders do. I noticed the little warning that we've all grown accustomed to at the bottom: These are professionals. Do not attempt. That bugged me. I dont know why. Yes I do. These guys were grinding down stairrails, kickflips, y'know...small street stuff. Why shouldnt people attempt this? Yeah, yeah...I know...lawsuits. LAWSUITS SUCK! Dammit people, take responsibilty for your own actions. But...*sigh* I dont like companies telling people not to try new tricks. However, maybe it is a good thing that they put the warning there. That prevents lawsuits (well....) and all the stupid people who do try it and arent experienced enough to do so get what they deserve. I just went in a circle and disproved my point. Oh well. C'est la vie

I read my spam. Except for the ones that are obviously spam, with subjects like "enlarge your penis" or "lose 50 pounds in 2 days" or....you get my point. I read the ones with subjects like "(no subject)" or "hello" or that kinda thing. I'm just paranoid one of them wont actually be spam and be someone I want to talk to. I got one just now...this is pretty funny:
Hiya baby! It's been a while since we lasted talked. I not sure if you remember but we dated a long time ago, i just can't get you off my mine (not to sound desperate). But anyway i made a site dedicated to you and even made it free also. So Click Here & Enjoy!
Now...anyone with a brain half the size of a grain of rice can tell this is fake, but what's even better is that this person who so-called "dated me" also sent this to 9 other people. So this "website" dedicated to "me" is dedicated to 9 other people as well....
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