July 20th, 2002

hell's kitten

oh dear god...this baffles me...seriously...how the hell can people be so stupid...and greedy

The publishers of the music of experimentalist John Cage have accused classical-fusion band The Planets of stealing his work, because their new album contains a silent 60-second track.

Cage famously composed the piece "4'33" in 1952, which was just four and a half minutes of silence.

I know COUNTLESS other bands that would be "guilty" of this. Oooh, oooh...does the silence between songs count too?? dumbasses....
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hell's kitten

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Yay! I have money! Okay...now...I got $40.

$10 will go to sending Erin her shirt and change
$5 will go to lunch tomorrow
$15 will go to buying the new green day cd
$10 will go to buying me new remote.

Damn. I wont have money. :-(
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hell's kitten

stuff...printing help, cky and the edge

I need tips on printing photographs. Is there any way to remove the little black dots between pixels that the computer puts on everything it prints?

Everyone should read this,

Holy crap. The Edge is giving away 104 cds...along with a bunch of other stuff. DAMN. I want 104 cds...If they're good ones...no, i dont care what they are. I just want 104 cds. :-) Here're (is that a word?) the prizes: An X-Box, A ballcap autographed by all the Edgefest 8 Main stage bands, tickets and backstage passes to Korn, One Hundred and Four Edge CDs and Dessert for 2 for a year from Chocolate Cafe and Bakery. Wow. But, you have to prove you're the "ultimate edgehead." You have to be caller 10 at a certain time, then go to this bakery with some proof that you're the ultimate edgehead. If I were more motivated, I might do this. But I'm not, so I won't. :-)
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hell's kitten

kitty pics

I took some pictures of my kitty last night and I got 2 of him yawning. It's so funny. He looks mean. Maybe I'll put them on here later.

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