July 25th, 2002

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I found this here and thought some of you (*ahem*gloryfades*ahem*) might enjoy this.

It has come to my attention that a great number of you have been actively listening to albums by Dashboard Confessional. I can only assume that this is because, as punks, it's difficult for you to become exposed to folk and other forms of acoustic music due to it's somewhat underground nature and it's lack of representation in the punk community. This is understandable. However, one should never go to such extreme lengths as actually PURCHASING and LISTENING TO a Dashboard Confessional album. As desperate for lovelorn acoustic music as you may be, this only proves hazardous to your sanity and the well being of people around you. But never fear, for I have the solution.

STEP ONE: Take those Dashboard albums, plus your tape of his preformance on MTV Unplugged, plus that lame shirt of his, and set them up in a sort of shrine in your back yard.
STEP TWO: Burn the shrine. Burn it good.
STEP THREE: You reek like watered-down mall-emo. Dogs and other animals can smell this and will attack you without provocation. Wash your hands THOROUGHLY with soap and water. If you haven't showered in the past hour, this would be a god time to do that as well.
STEP FOUR: Go to your local independant music store and pick up as many albums by the Mountain Goats as you can carry in your frail, tract mark infested arms. Pay for the records (or compact discs, whichever you feel more comfortable with). If your town has no independant record stores, drive to one that does or, if you live in a remote area, order them online.
STEP FIVE: Return home and listen to your new music collection on repeat until you pass out. Do this for the next several days until you have learned to appreciate what acoustic music sounds like when the preformer isn't trying to dupe you into spending money on his crap.

If you happen to hear a song by Dashboard Confessional again on the radio or MTV after you have completed steps four and five, do not panic. Simply remove yourself from the enviroment that is forcing such drek upon you and get some fresh air. Everything is going to be okay from here on out.
hell's kitten


Aerials kicks SO much ass....

I got the new QTA cd (which makes 2)! And the new Green Day cd (which makes 8)! :-D

Ellie: the new QTA cd's only 7.99 at the store...and I cant count on me going to any of their shows before they *sniff* break up, so let me know what you wanna do. I'll go pick you up a copy if you send money. Their first cd is still...like...14.99 or something.

lol...my kitty doesnt like system of a down...

They had glasseater's cd at hot topic. You know the sticker that they put on top of the cd so you can see them without having to flip through them all? Well, anyway, they made a typo, so glasseater became Glasseaster....lol....

At sam goody, they had a big display that you see when you first walk in. It was filled with bands like bad religion, mxpx, midtown, h2o, millencolin and other "punk" bands (quotes because i hate to classify, but you know thats what was going through their heads). My, my...things are changing.
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door to door religion

I was sitting here...listening to "The best ever death metal band in denton" by the mountain goats and it was at the part when they say "hail satan" about 3 or 4 times. Then the doorbell rings. It was 2 guys "spreading the word of jesus christ"....I said I was busy "when would be a good time to come back?" "um...how about never?" lol...I should've made some remark like "nah, I'm kinda stuck on satanism right now, thanks..."
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Everyone should go to ap.net and at the bottom right of the page, under king of the hill, vote for the pennyroyals...trust me. They're tied right now, 64 votes each, so each little one counts!!!!
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code-stealing bitch...

GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!! Some BITCH got ahold of my LJ code and used it. I only had one and have been saving it. I only have one and have no way of getting any more. That BITCH...I dont know how she got it...I have no idea who she is and I didnt give the code to ANYONE.,....for a REASON!!! And you know the best fuckin part? she's only made ONE entry...back in may, the first day she created it. She doesnt even FUCKING use it...Goddammit...and I was going to use that code, too!!! Everyone go to marumi_pop and bitch her out.

Time to go listen to some SOAD....(to calm down, of course)

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Does someone have a code for me? Since that bitch STOLE mine? Please....?
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