July 26th, 2002

hell's kitten

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(Copying finalnotice69's idea)
These are all the bands I've seen...ever...you people probably havent heard of a lot of them, either. i cant remember the name of the 3rd band down...they were with goldfinger and mest. anyone know? i wanna say danny winn, but i'm not sure

brutal infliction
danny _____ and the earthlings
dead kennedys
good charlotte
insight (x2)
mest (x3)
question the answers
second in command
systemic (x2)
the flying tigers
trust company
unwritten law

Freeamp is IN LOVE with nfg tonight. It's played (i kid you not) 14 nfg songs IN A FREAKIN ROW! I only have 29 nfg songs in my 1023 song playlist and it's on random. Dont get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but this is just weird. This cant be a coincidence, but I cant figure it out.
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Today's words of wisdom:

well a one day has taken to night so then it some other day.

(If anyone can decipher this, please let me know)
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ARGGHH!!! freeamp is now adding the album name!! Does anyone know how to edit that (not in LJ...I'm talking about some sort of preferences in freeamp that allows you to choose which fields to view)?
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