August 19th, 2002

hell's kitten


Sure, why not...

1. What do you most like about your body?: uhh...
2. And least?: my hair
3. How many fillings do you have?: one
4. Do you think you're good looking?: i dont know how to answer that
5. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: not really
6. Do you look like any celebrities?: i doubt it

1. Do you wear a watch?: yep...but it's fucked up right now
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: i dont know....
3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: pants: denim...i dont wear skrits, but the one i do own is black
4. Most expensive item of clothing?: oh jeez....i dont think i own anything worth over $15....
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: sneakers
6. Describe your style in one word: comfortable

---Your Friends---
1. Do your friends 'know' you?: not really
2. What do they tend to be like?: uhh.. themselves...?(most of the time)
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: i guess so
4. How many people do you tell everything to?: i don't really tell EVERYTHING to anyone...

1. Favorite band ever?: i'll name some...but theres more: green day, mest, cKy, goldfinger, HIM, system of a down, disturbed, linkin park
2. Most listened to bands: any and everything
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: of course. anyone would have to be lying to say no. but it's not something i look for in a good band
4. Can you play an instrument?: eh. i can sort of play piano. i suck badly
5. Type of music most listened to?: punk, ska, hardcore, rock
6. Type never listened to?: i've listened to everything....just some i dont like
7. Favorite book?: hmmmm...i dont know

1. Ladies, do you like to wear thongs?: no.
4. What is the nicest colour for underwear?: blue or... pink or... who cares no one sees it
5. Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra?: ewww i'm not telling the whole internet that
6. Do you make it a habit of showing people your underwear?: no.

---Religion ---
1. Do you detest religion?: i don't detest it....
2. How do you think this universe was formed?: big bang?
3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant?: no. they just have different ideas
4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose?: depends...i'd probably pretend to follow them until i could get away

1. What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: that's cool that they don't care what anyone thinks
2. Do you detest homosexuality?: no.
3. Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?: it depends on the individual person...some gay couples are better parents than heterosexuals and some heterosexuals are better than just depends

---General Questions---
1. Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment?: good point emily and ellie, why IS it a guy?
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: both :-D i love when the sun's out and it's raining.
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: no.
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: depends on why they did it
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: eh

1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: yes
2. Do you own Converse shoes?: no
3. Do you own Saucony shoes?: no
4. Do you own old school Nikes?: no
5. Do you wear tight pants? nope
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?: nope....i used to have awesome cargo pants with a zippered pocket...*sigh* i miss those
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: yeah
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: yeah
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: i wear all my bags across my chest.
10. Do you own braces?: not anymore
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth?: yeah....but not mine
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair?: no
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?: that's a confusing question. my hair goes to my shoulders, and my head is taller than 3 inches....
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: not deadly....
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: neat? they're ok on some people
16. Is your hair black or red?: neither
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: i've only used one, but i really liked it....special effects
18. Do you own a bandana?: yes. i dont wear it though
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: no
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: the really little ones and the really big ones are cool...i guess?
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: haha yes. my beanbag is duct taped
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: yes
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from Dogpile, Lip Service, or Tiger of London?: no
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: not anymore than anything else

25. Are you disgruntled (having a general hate for everything)?: no
26. Are you an anarchist?: not technically
27. Does the American flag anger you?: no.
28. Are you "working class"?: i guess.
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: depends on the person....
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?: i dont dislike it....but i dont like it....i buy some cheap cds there occasionally
31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: hellno
33. Are you a thin waif?: haha no
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian?: no
35. Do you think meat is murder?: yes (i know i'm a hypocrite...shut up)
36. Do your nighttime activites usually involve drunken underage vomiting?: no...
37. Have you ever slept in an pealley or park?: no...i've slept in a field, though
38. Do you wash your hair less than once a week?: no
39. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?: ew.
40. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor?: not that im aware of
41. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?: sounds familiar, but i cant name it
42. Do you like Mr. Kerouac?: i might if i knew who he was
43. Should Mumia Abu-jamal be freed from prison?: i never really got that whole story
44. Are you a member of the Makeout Club?: no
45. Do you say "rad"?: no
46. Do you say "rockin'"?: no
47. Do you say punk "rawk"?: no
48. Do you shout the word "oi"?: no
49. Do you say "punk's not dead"?: no
50. Do you say "punk is dead"?: no

51. Do you like bands with "."? ...what?
52. Do you like bands with "theory" in their name?: the apex theory and juliana theory are ok...i cant think of any more
53. Do you like bands with "the"?: some bands...
54. Do you ever precede your own name with "the" at the beginning?: nope
55. Do you like bands with the F word in their name or album title?: i like jello biafra and oxymoron
56. Do you think "Christian punk" is an oxymoron?: no
57. Are Blink 182 fans "posers"?: some are, some aren't. again, it depends on the individual
58. Do you have frequent debates over what exactly constitutes a sellout?: not constantly, but if someone brings it up, i could put up an argument
59. Have you ever brought the headlining band food?: no
60. Do you have show flyers affixed to your walls?: no
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