September 7th, 2002

hell's kitten

are you a time traveler?

I just received a very very very weird email...

If you are a Time Traveler from Dimension D1263GT10, year 2008 or Dimension D2044GT5, year 2432 AND OR in possession of the Dimensional Warp Generator wrist watch, the Carbon Copy Replica model #52 4350 series or similar technology I need your help. I need a RELIABLE SOURCE. I would prefer someone with access to teleportation as well as a variety different types of time travel. I will also need temporal displacement. Please send a (SEPARATE) email to me at: if this applies to you.

So, yeah, I'm not a time traveler, but if you are, email this person...
We have a bamboo plant. It's just a foot tall now, and we have no idea how big it will get. I like it.
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yay CC

I like Circuit city. I was out of blank cds, so I went there to get some more. I was about to get a 50 pack for, like $27, but a rebate would've made it $18. It was the cheapest one I found. But then I noticed a tag for an Imation 50 pack for $13, but they were out. I asked the guy there, in case they had some in the back or something. He said they were out, but he could special order me some. I dont like to special order, usually, because I'd have to make a special trip back up to abq, and besides, I could probably find some somewhere else. However, he said that they could mail it directly to my house with no extra charge. :-D Yay. I like that. So that's what I did. I dont know when they'll get here, though, but I wish they'd hurry up...
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Here's the reply to my original email which I wrote before the IM convo:


My DWG has been stolen and I am stuck in this time. I need the dimensional warp 52 4350a or newer. Perhaps you have a model which is good at returning the mind/memory in current state 100% intact? How much?

Agent 8

I emailed back asking what time he's supposed to be in. I wonder if he'll reply... I IMed him again a few minutes ago and told him that his stepmother probably wasnt a rann because she wouldve just eaten him. he didnt reply. i think he got mad at that...

I need to find out what the hell a DWG is...anyone wanna help?
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(no subject)

Last night, I had another dream that I could fly. It wasnt the main part of the dream, it was just like walking. I was flat on my stomach about 6 feet above the ground. I'm not sure if I could control my altitude. I kept being too lazy to propel myself, so I held onto people as they walked and they pulled me.
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punk quiz

Not sure how punk you are? Here, FREE OF CHARGE, you can find out, or pick up some pointers!

#1 Which month is the most punk?

A) July, heat is punk.
B) January, cold is punk
C) Suck my rippling cock

#2 What dietary restrictions do you subscribe to?

A) I am vegan. Punks will save the world.
B) None. I do what I want, pinko.
C) I eat only meat. I emjoy the feeling of chewing on chunks of another sentient being.
D) I can't wait to put this blender inside of your anus.

#3 What political affiliation do you ally yourself with?

A) Commie.
B) Capitalist.
C) I lost my nice brass cock ring.

#4 What do you do for recreation?

A) Ejaculate upon bus drivers.
B) Seduce patrons at Gap Kids.
C) Eat out my grandmother.
D) Knit.


The internet is not punk. Quizzes are not punk. Scoring quizzes certainly is not. Kill yourself.
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(no subject)

I opened a can of Pringles a few minutes ago. On the seal, it was advertising Torengos. IT confused the hell out of me. Either pringles and torengos have joined forces, which would be weird, since it would be like coke advertising pepsi, OR someone fucked up at the factory.
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(no subject)

I am actually not a time travler. I met a man in mexicao last year who gave me his dwg because he understood my situation. Bfore I had a chance to use it. It was stolen from me.
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blind diner

I like this:

BERLIN (Sept. 5) - Diners at Berlin's newest restaurant cannot see what they are eating and have to be guided to their table by blind waiters because the bar is pitch black.

The restaurant, which opened Wednesday, aims to make guests concentrate on senses other than sight.

Holding on to one another, the first visitors followed waiter Roland Zimmermann, 33, into the dining room. Although the PhD student has been blind since childhood, he is the only one able to point out chairs, cutlery and drinks.

"I'm putting your plate right in front of you," Zimmermann said. "I can't find my mouth," one voice replied out of the dark. "I wonder what this dish is - Lasagne? Or some casserole?" another invisible guest said.

In the "unsicht-Bar," which means invisible in German, diners cannot choose complete dishes from the menu but can only indicate whether they would like a fish, meat or vegetarian option.

"We want people to have an extraordinary experience of tasting, feeling and smelling," said Manfred Scharbach, head of the organization for blind and sight-restricted people, which is running the bar.

"People are surprised that their tongues and taste senses are taking over and are sending signals, which their eyes would normally have sent," he added.

Of the 30 staff, 22 are blind.

An average meal lasts about three hours and the waiters are always around to help, Scharnbach said.

And at the end of the night, they will even reveal what customers have actually been eating.
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