September 10th, 2002

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It's crazy what puppets/animation can get away with on tv. I was watching crank yankers last night and female puppets can be fully topless. It's weird. Then I watched south park, and they were flipping everyone off without being blurred. And a guy was fully nude from the back. Crazy.
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O o phyxius o O [11:16 PM]: hey
Wizzo69 [11:16 PM]: hi there
O o phyxius o O [11:17 PM]: how's portland?
Wizzo69 [11:18 PM]: totally totally good
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Okay, now that that's out...

We left right after school, got to the launchpad about 430. We made friends with the people around us. A junior from el dorado (el dildo as he called it) named chris, and 2 freshman from valley. They started letting people in about 630, we got in not too long afterwards. We got a row or two back, but were quickly pushed forwards to the front once Adema started playing. They kicked ass. I love them. So much. :-D I was right in front of dave, the bassist. I got a lot of his head sweat on me (he's the bald one). He also slapped hands with most of the audience before the show and between songs. I love it when people do that. I hate it when people, especially singers, but I can forgive drummers. Marky didnt. It pissed me off. He had a ton of people reaching out to him, just wanting him to reach his hand out, but noooo. He only shook hands with one person. Guess who? Me. :-D But it was still mean to not reach out to the crowd. Dave shook specifically my hand twice and we made eye contact several times. Mike ransom, the guitarist, didnt shake hands with anyone, again, except me. I felt special. Tim, the other guitarist, was on the other side of the stage, so I dont know how he was. But at the end, as he was walking offstage, he slapped hands with everyone. That was nice. I got a wink and a few smiles from Kris, the drummer.

Mike stripped. "Everyone's been asking for my shoes, so...what the fuck." He took off his shoes, threw them in the audience. Took off his shirt, threw it in the audience. Took off his socks, threw them...Took off his belt...*wild cheers from crowd*.. took out his wallet, layed those on the stage. Took off his pants, threw them in the crowd...And pretended to moon us. But he didnt. The best part was, that that was before the encore, so he played the last song in just his boxers. Pretty funny.

It was over too soon. They finished about 8. We wouldve stayed if systemic was next, but it was some band called Cold Snap, then systemic. I bought a shirt and we left. We found kris outside the tour bus signing stuff, so I had him sign my edgehead card. He needed a pen, so I handed him my sharpie and used it to sign everyone's stuff. I was afraid I wouldnt get it back, but I did. While he was signing stuff, he was talking to this girl, and they were joking about how they'd get together if they came back next year, since she's 17 now and would be "legal" then. She kept wanting him to kiss her. *ahem*groupie*ahem* He just smiled and laughed. As he was getting back on the tour bus, he leaned over and actually kissed her on the lips. I couldnt believe he did that. He didnt even know her (yes I'm sure). He's a whore. But he's nice.

We waited some more, and Marky came out. BUT, he was ushered over to a car across the street. His people explained he had to catch a plane (he and kris). I mean, he had body-guard-type people and everything. 80% of the crowd (not including me or lauren) ran over with them, but he didnt sign anything. They drove away. byebye.

While the crowd was distracted with that, tim came out and started signing, and, thanks to marky, wasnt mobbed. After marky left, the crowd went from like 50 people to about 15. Poor guys. I feel sorry for marky being mobbed by horny girls all the time (hes not even that cute) and I feel sorry for the rest of them being in his shadow.

Eventually, dave and mike came out. Dave saw me and said "hey, I saw you rockin out" or something like that, and called me sweetie. :-D I love him. He's so nice.

So I got everyone's autographs except damn marky's. And no fucking pictures. Fuckin A. That pissed me off so much. Fuck....god damn them...If I'd known in advance that they werent allowing cameras, I couldve snuck it in, but I was assuming they would, since they always have before....Fuckin....

We went to arby's, got shakes, got home about 10.
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