September 12th, 2002

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This is from a jokes mailing list I'm on, but it's sad because it happens...

The other night, my wife and I were going out for dinner. She put on eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelashes, mascara, toner, blush and lipstick, then turned to me and said, "Does this look natural?"
hell's kitten

song survey

pick your favorite band/artist that correspondes with the letter followed by your favorite song by that same band/artist.

note: I forced myself to choose only one for each, unlike some people...*ahem*gloryfades*ahem* ;-)

A: dema - "freaking out"

B: ush - letting the cables sleep

C: hevelle - the red

D: rowning pool - tear away

E: ve 6 - heres to the night

F: inch - untitled

G: ood Charlotte - say anything

H: ome town hero - questions

I: ncubus - pardon me

J: immy eat world - bleed american

K: orn - freak on a leash

L: inkin park - my december

M: est - say so long

N: ofx - vanilla sex

O: nesidezero - instead laugh

P: earl jam - last kiss

Q: uestion the answers - this one's for you

R:EM - everybody hurts

S: mashing pumpkins - zero

T: ommy lee - hold me down

U: nwritten law - superficial society

V: erve - bittersweet symphony

W: heatus - teenage dirtbag


Y: ellowcard - roughdraft

Z: eromancer - dr online
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hell's kitten

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Lauren and I have weird tiny brown spots on the palms of our hands that wont go away. We think the launchpad is somehow behind it...
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