September 22nd, 2002

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C drive before:
Used: 18.1 GB
Free: 470 MB

C drive after:
Used: 15.8
Free: 2.8 GB

Whew. I needed to do that. I've been making cds so I can delete mp3s and free space. I needed free space desperately. But now easy cd creator is being mean, and it's getting late and i still need to do stuff before I go to bed, so I'll do some more tomorrow.
I'M 39% X-rated. HOW HORNY ARE YOU?
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hell's kitten

class ring yayness

Yay. I'm getting a class ring and mom's paying for $170 of it. The prices depend on what you want with it, but it varies from $120 - $400. I'll probably just do the $170 deal, though, so its all good. :-D Yay.
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hell's kitten

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there was an ant inside my bra. it freaked me out.
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About grounded for life:
One episode had the family attending a Ramones concert. The next day, Megan asked Lily if she had liked the concert. The original dialogue was "Well, the music was good, but I was afraid someone was going to drop dead" or something to that avail. After the death of Joey Ramone, reruns redubbed the dialogue into "Well, the music was good, but they were just ripping off Green Day."

I think that second line's better...haha...
Ah, the things you learn from imdb...