September 26th, 2002

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AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was SUCH a good day!!! My CKY CD CAME!!!!! Amazon said 5 - 9 business days and it came in 2!!! YAY AMAZON!!!
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hell's kitten

pics from this week

I took an assload of pictures today. It was superhero day and we had a bunch of cool costumes...

Here's some from all week

Tuesday (pajama day):
sam and steph
emily, jamie, tristine and lauren in front.
emily and ali

Wednesday (fairy tale dress up day):
(not many people dressed up and i forgot i had my camera anyway)

Thursday (superhero day):
Lauren (rogue)
Juliana (super...uh...smiley...)
Brian (Brian Man)
Tristine (who didnt want to dress she just went w/a spiderman shirt)
Ali and Whitney (ali didnt dress up, and i dont think whitney was any specific superhero)
Sam (just crazy)
Rhiannon and Jamie (josie and the pussycats)
Sandra and Whitney
Sandra, Raunie and whitney
josh and mario (super mario and quailman!!!)
emily (didnt dress up...just a superman shirt)
sam v. (see above)
sam m. (again...just crazy..and yes, those are boxers)
sam m (crazy...and scary)
sam v with lauren aka rogue's wig
yeah... not going to that. :-D
people I actually like this one. tristine has the backwards hat, kira with the glasses, and caleb behind her (with the redeye i shoulda fixed). this was at like 800pm at the effigy-burning.
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hell's kitten

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My mom doesn't go online for days and days...and the day she does, it's when AOL's welcome screen talks about how teenagers lose their virginity....