September 27th, 2002

hell's kitten

.mov help!

Argh!!! My computer has something against me playing .movs.

Irfanview says: Error! Windows can't play this file! Window error text: MMSYSTEM 296 The file cannot be played ont he specified MCI device. This file may be corrupt or not in the correct format.

Quicktime says: You may experience problem playing a video track in "VIDEOATT.MOV" because the required compressor could not be found. And then continues to play just audio without video.

Windows media player just plays a bunch of snow with distorted sound.

Movie player plays, but I get no sound or video.

I was trying to play the 2 videos on the cky cd, but it wont work how it's supposed to. I talked to people who said they had to open the file from my computer and going into the cd. But thats not working for me, obviously. Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

huh...cky's logo's different on the stickers too...I wonder why I didnt notice it then...

(i almost spelled "notice" as "knowtice" or "knotice" or something...)
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(no subject)

I woke up this morning and felt really sick. I almost threw up, but I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so there was nothing to throw up. So I went back to sleep for 2 hours and now I feel fine. Weird. So I'm gonna go to school cuz there's not much school-stuff to do today. 2nd period we're gonna work on the float, 3rd period is computers (easy) and there's an assembly during 4th, then the parade after school. People are gonna think I skipped first to get out of the chemistry test, but i swear, thats just a bonus. ;-)
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They made me be from the 50s today, so I had to wear a poodle skirt. Let me tell you how traumatizing that was. I have worn nothing but pants for the past 2 or so years (with the exception of last year's homecoming and heather's wedding, when I wore a long dress). I havent worn a skirt in about 10 years and I hope it will be 10 more before I do again.

Then we rode on the junior class float down California street, which was fun. We threw candy. We threw candy hard at certain people *evil grin*. Certain people threw candy at us...

Football game at 7pm. Damn, our football team sucks SO bad... We just lost our homecoming game 7 - 21 to a team that hasn't won in 2½ years. Jorge, juliana's bro who graduated last year, was there, which was cool.


Kira, Whitney and Thaddeus
Lauren, Ali, and Emmy (emmy's the one who hates me, hence her scowl)
Chris - I LOVE this picture...he's so cute...
Joby, Josh, and Brian
Raunie - i think this is the first pic I've posted when she's not dressed weird
Kira and Andrew - (not the kira i usually talk about) a cute pic of them, too
Pablo - most people who don't know him say he scares them, and from this pic, I guess I can see why

I love this song.
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(no subject)

CDs I want to get next time I have a chance:

Home Town Hero - s/t
Butthole Surfers - (suggestions?)
Disturbed - Believe
Alice in Chains - (suggestions?)
Smashing Pumpkins - (suggestions?)
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(no subject)

They're like a dead fly in the blue cheese dressing at the picnic that somehow reminds everybody in the back of their minds how lucky they are to have food in the first place.

Is that a compliment?

While working on the float earlier today, I asked a question to anyone who could hear me, and emmy, of all people, answered me. I was quite amazed.

Megan said she saw patrick munson working at kiva juice today. :-X
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