October 5th, 2002

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I woke up this morning to a phone call from caleb. It was about 12:30, and he wanted to make plans for this afternoon's movie watching.
At about 230, Lauren, Caleb, Kira, Kira, Andrew, and Whitney came over. We fit 7 people on my 3-person couch. We watched 10 Things I Hate About You. I remember that I had never seen that movie before, but everything about it was familiar. I can't decide whether or not I actually have seen it before or not.
Susan dropped off Ariel (6yrs old) for me to babysit at about 645, and everyone left about 715. She went to sleep about 8, and they won't be back until about midnight. :-D Talk about easy babysitting... I get $4/hr, and god, I sure could use the money. I owe people like whoa.
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songs to dl

I'm bored and thought I'd post the list of songs I want to eventually download. I've had this list forever, and some are kinda hard to find. Some of these bands I know nothing about, and a lot of these songs I don't even remember why I wanted them.

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Our yearbooks are so horrible. I haven't been able to be involved in it before, but I think I will for next year. They have "Most Shy" and "Class Gossipers." In the captions, there's gratuitous capitalization galore, and just all around terrible grammar.

"a snow Day"
"Stop for a Quick picture"
"Where's the football Game?"
"Queeze, it wasn't that funny!" (What does "queeze" mean?)
"Smile your on candid camera"
"Everyone Stops For 1 quick last picture of the year!"
"Smile And Say Cheese Guys!"
"Did u try the spiked punch?" (I can't believe they did that...)
"Can anyone say pose for the Camera!"
"When their not dancing their still a team!"
"The team celebrating after a hard working game" (wha...?)
"I hope that it was a memorable for you"
"Ere ... Hey says Scott" (What is that supposed to mean?)
"The band staring off into space a waiting to play."
"Casey starring into the camera."

Countless names were spelled wrong, teachers' pictures were switched and club pictures weren't labeled. Yes, I definitely have to get involved next year.
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Ooh...I found something to keep me occupied for a while. You shall see the results later.
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