October 10th, 2002

hell's kitten

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I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said: "Against abortion? DONT HAVE ONE!" haha...I love it. :-)
"What? Where the hell do you live? NEW MEXICO or something?!?"

I received a phone call today...
"Hello, is Helen there?"
"No, sorry, you have the wrong number."
"No. I may have the wrong name, but I don't have the wrong number. Would you be interested in--"

Grrr....if you're gonna telemarket (is that a verb?), at least get the damn records straight.
hell's kitten

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God, I've been so busy this week. I have 3 days worth of passions on tape to watch, and that'll probably be 4 before I can watch them. Juliana was here from 330 to 745 and we worked on our english project (well, we watched friends at 7). I kinda watched scrubs, but while doing my english, I watched will and grace (oh my god!!!), and at 830, I called Lauren to help me with my chem due tomorrow. I was pretty much done with that by 9, so I watched ER, and Emily called me in the middle of that to help her with her chem (same assn)... So now I'm catching up on emails and LJs. I need to clean up the big mess jules and i made in the kitchen, and maybe some more english. If I'm lucky, I'll be in bed before 1.

Oh, the good news is I gave up on winmx and kazaa and deemed aimster my fav song dling program. Winmx took about 15 minutes to fucking connect, and then didnt have any results. Kazaa's just stupid. With aimster, it gav me over 100 results in an instant, and in 20 minutes, it's already halfway done. Oh, and I'm dling gc's cover of cemetery off the net, since it hasnt made it onto any programs yet.

And I still need to reinstall windows. I probably wont get around to that until the weeked either. Oh wait, I'll be busy sunday, so if I'm lucky, I'll have time saturday.

So, I'm sorry if anyone's tried to IM me lately. Email me and I'll reply. :-)

Dammit!! I just remembered that I have 2 algebra assignments I need to do for tomorrow...gaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hell's kitten

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We're starting a project in english where we have to "watch" another person in the class and takes notes on their behaviour. Not quite to the point of stalking, but almost. We drew index cards to see who we'd follow. Guess who I got? Of course, it had to be emmy. We can't tell anyone who we got, but I told sam because he's not in our class. I HAD to tell someone...it's just too perfect. It's so funny. Of all people, I got emmy. How so very ironic. It's weird, though, because I kinda have subconsciously been studying her for a year or so ever since she decided she hates me. Just to try to figure her out. I did not succeed. But now I have to study her for an english assignment. It's because we're starting to read the canterbury tales, and since they desribe each character in detail, then write a story for that person, that's what we're going to do. I have to write a story about emmy. *laughs* This could be good...

It's also fun to find hidden messages in backwards queen songs...lol
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