October 15th, 2002

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So I get to school early for the first time all year, and it just happens to be the day that we're taking the PSATs (which I signed up for last week and completely forgot about), so it was good, since we were supposed to be there 10 minutes early. So, yeah, I got to miss all my morning classes (just 2) for that. :-)
Argh...I have to read part of Beowulf (dammit, pronounce the "l"!) for English, and I can't. It's just...not holding my attention at all. I have to write a paragraph comparing it to Grendal (which I have read). < whine > I dont wanna!!!! < /whine >
I got the highest test grade in our computer class!!! You seriously don't know how hard that is. I got a 94%. He never gives As, especially to girls. :-D I'm so proud of that.
Ali, Sam, Emily and I are having another dinner thing, this time at Ali's house this Friday. Yay. It'll be fun.
The night of th 26th, a bunch of us are going to spend the night at Whitney's. That morning, we have to take the ACTs, so it'll be like a celebration...kinda. See, the plan is for everyone to get drunk. Yeah, I don't think I'll be a part of that part of it. Any alcohol I've tried, I've hated. I've tried a few wines (legally...I was in France :-)), champagne (it was at a wedding), I have no desire to try beer. They say there'll be wine coolers, which they think I'll like. I dunno, I might try some stuff, but I know I won't get drunk. The cool part (depending on your pov) about this, though, is that Whitney's mom is cool about it. She won't tell any of our parents, and she's gonna take away our car keys and practically lock us in the house. We'll see what happens. But don't worry about me, guys, I don't give in to peer pressure easily. If I try anything, it won't be much, but most likely I'll just be the sober photographer. :-D "We know we can't have Serafina over without the pictures, but you can't show anyone!!" lol....
I'm obsessed with this cd. I dont know why now, since I got it when it came out, but hey....whatever.
I had fun with the b's and i's in that post. :-)
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