October 19th, 2002

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Susan had called me earlier this week and asked me to babysit Ariel from after school (including picking her up) until around 5 on thursday and friday (yesterday and today). Yesterday went perfectly fine. I'd told her I was going to be busy at 630 on friday, and she said thats fine, that she'd pick her up before then. I received a phone call at about 6 oclock today from susan and she informed me that she was in belen and would be here to pick her up shortly. Belen is about 45 minutes away. A few minutes later, she called back and said she had no idea it was already 6, and that maybe I could find my mom to watch ariel if she wasn't back in time. Well...I don't know where my mom is right now....so....yeah, I dont know what will happen. If I'm late, then ali, emily and sam might leave to choose the movie without me. Oh well...

But yeah, I'm worried about Ariel. We went to the park (half a block away), played on the swings (i love swings!) and she skateboarded down the sidewalk and..yeah, we had fun, but after all that, she complained about her stomach hurting. Today, as soon as we got home (about 315), she layed (lied, whatever) down on the couch and went to sleep. Keep in mind, she's a 6 year old who is almost ALWAYS hyper. and she just slept for about 2 hours. I woke her up, and convinced her to come outside and play for a little while, and we played tag. We came inside, sat down, drank water, and she went back on the couch. I let her sleep for an hour and woke her up and asked (again) if anything was wrong. She said no, that she was just tired. I asked if she felt sick, if her stomach hurt, and she said no. I brought her some dr seuss books which she easily read 2 of to me. Then she didnt want to read anymore and wanted to lay down. WHY is she wanting to sleep so much?? It's a friday afternoon and she's six years old!!

I had had the radio on the edge, but I turned it off when she went to sleep. I asked if she wanted it back on, and she said yes. :-) I think that's funny. They're playing like godsmack and disturbed and she likes it. lol...

I just now checked on her and she's laying down on the couch reading one of the dr seuss books I'd left in there.
I like aol 8.0. I can make it pretty. :-D
Okay, I just got back from ali's. I called ali and told her why I was going to be late, and she suggested I take her with me to her house. She just lives right next door, so it's not a big deal. But first, ali and sam came over because sam wanted to see my house. So they did, then we all left, and I left a note on the door for Susan and/or my mom. Emily came not long after, and then we 4 went to smith's to get a video since ali's mom volunteered to watch ariel (ali's mom and susan are friends, so it's fine). Susan came while we were gone.

Yeah, we had fun over there. We made calzones. Yummy. I laughed SO hard and so much during that dinner. Emily's just insane... She's hilarious. I've never laughed that much in my life.

We watched The Full Monty. :-D Neither Sam nor I had seen it before and ali and emily decided we needed to see it.

Ali and her mom tried to make chocolate fondue, but it came out as chocolate truffles. :-D Very chocolatey.

I borrowed 8 of ali's cds:
wallflowers - bringing down the horse
wallflowers - breach
phantom planet - the guest
incubus - s.c.i.e.n.c.e.
incubus - fungus amongus
the goo goo dolls - dizzy up the girl
matchbox 20 - yourself or someone like you
sugar ray - 14:59

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A lot of my dreams include me trying to find how to get back on the highway...weird...
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(From pheryx)

Hey everyone, you should seriously check out The Furthur Network. And I am sincere about this. Check it out.

It's a P2P file sharing network for live music. In fact, not just live music, but entire live shows. Commercial content is restricted from the network.

When you share a show, you have to share the entire show or it will not appear in search results until all the files are there. Once you fully download a show, it becomes automatically shared. They maintain a rather large database of setlists. When I was sharing some of my Phish shows, I plugged in the band name and the date and hit Tab, and the setlist was filled in automatically.

And it's not just "jambands." The list of artists is not infinite, but it's pretty huge. I've already found shows by certain bands that are impossible to find elsewhere on the Internet.

Now, I haven't dled it yet, but I plan to. It sounds awesome.
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