October 27th, 2002

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Holy crap. I have a lot to write about.

Damn comuter


Whitney's party

Each will take a while to write about, so look forward to that.
hell's kitten

my damn computer

my goddamn son of a bitch computer crashed yesterday and I lost everything. my computer died yesterday and I lost all everything and I just now set everything back up . Well, I have some stuff, but the majority of my stuff is gone. So if anyone wants to help me rebuild my collection and send me pictures, mp3s, etc...I'll greatly appreciate it. I'd just bought a 100 pack of cd-r's to burn stuff onto, but now I have nothing to burn...My point is, I'll send you a cd-r if you want to make me a compilation...I don't care what of, I have nothing, so anything is fine. Whatever you want. whatever you think i'd like/should hear.
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I was supposed to wake up at 5 yesterday so whitney and kira could come get me at 6, we go to denny's and eat, leave there at 7, be in belen at 8 for our ACTs. BUT, my alarm didn't go off, so they woke me up at 6, said they'd go get lauren and be back. Luckily, I just had to take a shower and get dressed, since we were gonna eat together, so when they came back at 615, I was ready.

It ended up being me, lauren, kira, juliana, whitney, and sandra. Denny's was kinda slow, but we left there about 700. We crammed all 6 of us into whitney's car. We sped on the highway. The barrels...oh god. There was construction, so the speed limit was lowered, but the car in front of us was going even slower, so we got off of one of the off ramps, then got right back on, and we made it in front of the car we were behind. We sped...a lot.

We got to belen on time, though, so it's all good. After the ACTs, we met celeste and vanessa at pete's cafe. The food was good, but the people were assholes. We all said we wanted regular drinks, but the waiter "didn't hear us" and charged us for the large. Damn them. Vanessa and Kira ordered a cheese burrito dinner to share, but they brought them a chicken burrito. Vanessa's a vegitarian. No. Then the waitress argued with them about what was ordered "Well, ONE of you ordered a chicken burrito." *we all look around*.... "Um...no...." Then they charged us 20% gratuity but we brought that down to 15%, like it should've been. God, assholes. Never going there again.
hell's kitten

whitney's party

gee...where do i start. I won't go into details because this information could be really bad if the wrong person got a hold of it. Let's just say I found out a lot of stuff about whitney and kira and I'll never see Lauren the same way again. And I dont like wine (but i knew that already), skyy blue, rum and coke, or tequila. smirnoff ice isn't bad, though....

No, I didnt get drunk.