November 16th, 2002

hell's kitten

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God damn, it's fucking cold.
Well, that wasn't very fun. Pablo's party was tonight and all anyone did was talk about getting drunk, drink, talk about getting high, or get high. Except for me, whitney, lauren and juliana. A ton of people were there though, like james, sapphire, tiffany, melissa, amanda, cheyenne, nate, rick, kyle, michael, and a few other people whose names i didn't know. the highlight of the night was when nate jumped over the fire we'd made when it was about 4 feet tall. but even that was only slightly amusing for about a minute.

We'd gotten there at 430. juliana and whitney had to leave for drama at about 630, then at about 8, lauren and i decided we weren't having very much fun and that we'd go to my house and hang out.
I've decided I'm going to get lauren korn's new cd and juliana the juliana theory cd for xmas.
If someone doesn't IM me soon, I'm going to bed.
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