December 5th, 2002

hell's kitten

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Matrix 2 is coming out May 2003! I've been waiting 3 years for this...what a wonderful bday present it will be!! :-D Yay
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hell's kitten

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I'm about to have the busiest weekend I've had in a long time.

After school, go to bank, get coin thingys
Go home, put coins in coin thingys
Go back to bank and get trade them in for money so I'm not broke for sunday
Do all that between 330 and 5
Get food (I'll have more details after I talk to sam tomorrow)
Rent movie or not
Have people over at about 630 till late

Get up at fucking 5am
Pick up Lauren at 6am
Pick up Sandra on the way
Get to abq academy to take SATs by 8am
Go to Lauren's party around 5
Leave by 11

Sleep as late as possible
PRAY (not really; figure of speech) sam's ready to leave at the latest by 5.
Leave with sam at the latest by 5.
See sugarcult/rufio/apo :-)
Leave by 11

And I have to figure out some time to do some english homework. Ms walker gave me a list of what I'm missing, and it's not as much as i thought it was. I have a 73 in that class, which is good because they sent out deficiencies this morning. I'm glad I escaped that. Mom would've been pissed.
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