December 13th, 2002

hell's kitten

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Whitney called me and begged me to go to the basketball game with her and Tristine. I finally gave in and went. That was at about 8. We only stayed for about 10 minutes, then the five of us (me, tristine, whitney, sandra, her cousin) went to mcdonalds. Then sandra & her cousin went home, and whitney drove tristine around, I followed, and we just cruised around town. We ended up going to whit's friend TJ's house. He goes to tech, so there was a bunch of college people there. We got there right as people were leaving to go to another party, so Tristine and I followed Whit and TJ. This was about 10 00. A cop started following us, so we were extra careful and I stopped following whitney and went a different way. The cop was satisfied and stopped following us. But then we had to find whit and tj again. Luckily, I had my cell phone, and she had hers, so I called her and we met in the mcdonalds parking lot, and went to the second party. The cops were everywhere. This is a small town, too, and we saw like 3 cops, and 2 had pulled people over. Tristine said it's traffic month. Last month was seatbelt month, and they checked to make sure everyone wore their seatbelts, and this month they're being extra-strict with traffic rules. So yeah, we followed the speed limit after that. Anyway, second party was fun. More college-ers. Lots and lots of alcohol. None for me. Lots of smoking. None for me. Lots of uno. Lots for me. :-) Twas fun. Someone asked me if I was a freshman, and I replied no. Which is the truth...I'm a high school... Oh well, not the first time that's happened. I've been asked what my major was when I was a freshman in HS. I got home at 11 20. I called mom to tell her I was home, and she asked, "who won?" That really confused me for a second. Stupid serafina. She thought I was at the bball game the whole time. I only went home because of my 11 30 curfew, but I could leave again. But whitney went home too, and I'm not going back by myself. I want to....but I'm not.
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