December 16th, 2002

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I went to the mall again today to finish xmas shopping. It took some convincing, but my mom finally let me. She thinks my doing poorly in english has something to do with me not being able to manage my time, therefore i should take today to catch up. Maybe she's right about me not managing my time well, but going to abq from 11 - 5 wouldn't interfere. If she'd made me stay home, I would've just goofed around online like I'm doing now.

The parking lot wasn't as full/crowded as it was yesterday, but there were more people. Hmm...explain that one to me. Nothing too exciting happened. I didn't see anyone I knew. Oh, there was a line for the escalator, and then it stopped while I was on it. The guy behind me fell forward a little bit. I laughed (to myself). I was reminded of one of my favorite comedians, Mitch Hedburg: "You'll never see a 'escalator temporarily out of service' sign. You'll just see 'escalator temporarily stairs'." Teehee...

The snowglobe I bought petra broke. :-( Damn it. I bought a sticker for myself. It says "For such a small town, there sure are a lot of idiots here." I couldn't resist. It's so great. :-D

I'm having fun googling old classmates.

Tiffany's a model (or was...not sure)
Everett's in track (just barely beat jesse mcdaniel in some race in august) and church choir
Cory still plays bass, goes to la cueva
Leda's in basketball at sandia
shauna's in soccer
brennan's playing football at la cueva
zach's playing soccer at sandia
laura conklin's playing tennis (surprise surprise) and volleyball
sky's playing basketball at ahs
i think chris guthrie's playing baseball
kaye did something for the alibi
sean is in ays, still playing the bass

None of that was surprising, except everett's...I cant see him in track or singing.
I'm not a stalker...I swear....
hell's kitten

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I have to know all this crap for tomorrow's test. Leave it to me to wait until 1am to start studying. :-P And I really have to know it, too. No multiple choice. Essays. :-P Yuck. Chemistry's evil.

I seriously need to spend less time online. I'm going to cut down. If I can. If anyone sees me online tomorrow for more than an hour or two, IM me and tell me to get off.

My wrist has just recently decided to start letting me pop it. A few years ago, I was able to, but then I wasnt, and now I am again. Not very often, though.

My christmas cd is at 60 songs, 163 minutes. That's one song over 2 cds.
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