December 19th, 2002

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Well son of a bitch. I didnt know you could get pulled over for not dimming your lights. Apparantly you can. I just got a warning though. My very first warning. Maybe I'll frame it.

The transsiberian orchestra kicked ass. The light show was insane. I never knew it was possible to headbang to the nutcracker suite. :-)
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hell's kitten

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I cant believe I forgot to mention this yesterday. It deserved its own post: SNOW!!!
Alright. I am okay with Chris and sandra. I am. Really I am.
Today was a big ol' party day at school. 1st period, french, we had doughnuts, listened to the used, and made prank calls (do you want to buy a camel for 200 yen?). 2nd pd, english (funny how i have those 2 classes back to back, huh?), our assignment had been to bring in an old family recipe and a sample (i brought brownies that i made last night at midnight), so we had a huge buffet-type thing, mostly full of desserts. I barely ate anything, though, I was already full. 3th pd, history, I passed around the rest of my brownies and ali, jamie, emily and i talked. 4th i have office aide, so i just wandered the halls. Pretty much every class was partying. The gym was chaos. 2 of the 4 classes that are held in there were jumping around on the stage and throwing bouncy balls at the walls as hard as they could. the other 2 classes were watching movies. I talked with ms palmer a little bit, then I left the gym and went to ms peguero's class. she just got back a day or two ago from being gone pretty much since the beginning of school. i talked with ms peguero, juliana and jamie. they had a movie on too. So yeah, today was a do-nothing day. :-)

Mom gave me a $25 gift certificate to a small store here, but it doesnt really have anything I like. But I did find an incense box/burner for $13 and a candle for $12, so that was cool. It rocks being athiest and still celebrating christmas. You dont have to follow the rules. :-)

Lauren came over earlier, crying about her family screaming at each other and said she just needed to get away. :-( I was about to go to Smith's to buy the last of my xmas presents, so I took her with me. In my car, I'd had my gc cd in, and the song that played when i started my car was waldorf worldwide. "Everything's gonna be alright now, everything's gonna be alright..." It fit. I hope it helped some.

Whitney called me at about 530 and said to meet her, tristine and sam there. I did. Sam had to leave within 10 minutes, but whitney ordered a sandwich, and tristine and i had hot chocolate. We went to see LOTR: TTT at 7.

But first we picked up whitney's boyfriend, tj. The fucking theater jacked up the price, since they brought it the day it came out. I appreciate that they brought it so quickly, but the extra admission was just ridiculous. I shouldn't be complaining, since it was from $4 to $6, and I know they're pretty cheap as it is, but still. The place was packed. I heard it was last night too. There was a huge line, and we had a hard time finding a place for all 4 of us to sit together. It was a good movie. Tristine had said that it was supposed to be shorter than the first one, but it lasted for 3 hours. The trees kicked ass. :-D So did Legolas. That leaping-onto-the-horse-that-was-going-at-full-speed thing was awesome.
Dick left this morning, so mom's staying here now. :-P I cant listen to my music as loud as I'd like anymore. :-(
NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!! Well, for 2 weeks. Tomorrow's a halfday, but I get out of it anyway to help make luminarias for the junior class's fundraiser. So YAY!
"24" has 3 nominations in the Golden Globes list announced today:

Best TV drama series
Best actor in a TV drama (Kiefer Sutherland)
Best supporting actor in a TV drama (Dennis Haysbert)
I need AA batteries for my cd player. :-(
I'll always just be the friend.
I'm hungry.
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