December 27th, 2002

hell's kitten

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I went over to Ali's last night for xmas dinner (her parents are divorced...she spent the 25th with her dad and the 26th with her mom) and a movie. We had homemade enchiladas (no chili for me...) and watched riding in cars with boys. Emily came over, but only because she called and ali's mom made her invite her over.
These bath salts I got for xmas smell exactly like the flowers that were used most often to make leis in Pohnpei. It's weird...
I rented my first DVD yesterday. I Am Sam. Wonderful movie. Sad movie. I cried throughout the whole thing. Beginning to end. I cried at the preview when I saw it a few months ago. I cry at movies too damn easily. Anyway, tonight was our movie night (me, emily, ali and sam), and I Am Sam was the only movie we could agree on. I cried again. Not as much as last night, though, because I was distracted. Sam kept playing games on his cell phone in the middle of it so I took it away from him.
Ben left earlier tonight for a weekend in Santa Rosa. :-D Yay.
I love my new phone. It came with an answering machine. My outgoing message is: "Hello?" heehee...I'm so mean. Kira called back 7 times trying to figure it out. Emily called about 4. 'Tis so fun.