January 4th, 2003

hell's kitten

big spank/danny winn/etc

Ahhh...that was fun.

Ben and I went to abq today. We went to 3 different Smith's trying to get tickets for the used next week. At the first one, they were on a break. At the second one, the line was so damn long it would've taken us about an hour to get through it. At the third one, we got there right as they closed for the night (about 7pm). Grrrrrrr. Oh well, I'll get them tomorrow. We visited Jay. It took him about 15 minutes to get up. We stayed there for about a half hour. He still doesn't have a job and is currently working on trying to break the record for most consecutive hours of sleep.

Off to the launchpad.

The first band was Sounds Like Fun. It turns out that they're half of Mosquito To Moscow, whom i love. It was just a singer and an acoustic guitarist. Time4Change's drummer went onstage in the middle of one of their songs and started drumming with them for a few songs. So that was awesome. They even played a MTM song. :-D

Second band was Time4Change. They kicked ass. Yeah. They don't have a cd recorded yet, so that was sad.

Danny Winn and the Earthlings kick my ass. I love them. They threw candy necklaces into the crowd, but I took one off their pink flamingo's neck. They...were awesome. Their trumpet player had attached a bag of a loaf of bread onto his mic stand and threw slices of bread like frisbees into the crowd.

Then came The Baked Potatoes. Eh, they were okay.

The Big Spank. They were the reason I went. Rhett had convinced me to go. They were pretty good. The trumpet player juggled torches as their finale, which impressed me. Rhett handed out stickers and pins, and I got one of each.

I wanted to buy a Mosquito to Moscow cd, but I couldn't find their merch table. :-( I also wanted to buy a DWatE cd, but they were out. Danny himself was standing next to me at that point, and he told the merch guy, who also happened to be their saxophone player, to give me a free sticker and pin. But I did get a cd by the big spank.

hell's kitten

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My cat's insane. He was meowing at the closet, so I picked him up, he looked around, pawed through the bubble wrap, was scared of the envelopes, and finally decided to settle on a shelf about eye-height to me. He likes to occasionally meow at the closet, but usually mine, and I have no idea why.
hell's kitten

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Some nuns came by today to try to convert me. They asked if I had ever heard of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which, of course, I have. They asked me if I believed in him, and I said no. They asked me what my religion was, at which point I considered saying satanist, but I decided to go easy on them and say atheist. Then - get this - they asked me if I wanted to hear the message of Jesus Christ. Of course, I said no. What atheist would answer yes to that? It was nice for me, but it's really not a very effective method. Next time someone comes trying to convert me to anything, I'm gonna say I'm a satanist. Just to get their reaction.