January 28th, 2003

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Damn it...Juliana can't go, and Ali can't go to NYC with me. I don't think I could stand being around any of my other socorro friends for a week.... Hey cereal_x_killer...wanna come to NYC with me? I'm being completely serious, too...One of your parents would come too... Feb 13 - 18...think about it. :-)
Juliana's having me make her a cd. I swear, my friends have the broadest taste in music...

1. dumb - nirvana
2. no one knows - QOTSA
3. bittersweet symphony - verve
4. rock superstar - cypress hill
5. she fucking hates me - puddle of mudd
6. always on time - ashanti/ja rule
7. alive - pod
8. po' folks - nappy roots
9. complicated - avril
10. sk8r boi - avril
11. im with you - avril
12. thugz mansion - 2pac
13. always - saliva
14. LOTRAF - good charlotte
15. scar tissue - RHCP
16. sweetest thing - u2
17. the taste of ink - used
18. a praise chorus - JEW
Skeet Ulrich is the star of the show I watched last night..Miracles. He's so great. I need to rent Scream again.
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hell's kitten

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For those of you who have seen Scream, this scene was what made me afraid of Matthew Lillard. I was afraid of him for several years, up until I saw him in Scooby-Doo just recently. I wasn't really afraid of him...he just really really creeped me out. Anyway, I don't know why Skeet didn't have the same effect on me... Oh well. Yeah, I just thought I'd share that.