March 13th, 2003

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Ugh. I might have to choose between linkin park and bad religion/sparta.

It's at Tingley - bad
It's on Wednesday - bad
They're with Mudvayne and xzibit - bad
It's linkin park - good
ticket prices - bad
someone to go with - good

Sparta/Bad Religion
It's Sparta - good
It's Bad Religion - good
It's on Sunday - bad
Little or no crappy opening bands - good
ticket prices - good
no one to go with (probably fixable) - bad
sunshine theater - good

UGH. I'm leaning towards the latter.

Hmm. Now I'm confused. Neither sparta's, nor BR's site lists NM as a date. they dont list any dates around that time. pollstar doesnt have them either. and bad religion's site makes it sound like they're not even touring in the US now. Grr...I'm gonna be pissed if the edge gave me wrong info. EXTREMELY pissed....
Edit @ 130am:
Okay, I'm satisfied. The launchpad says it's so, so it's so.

4.13.2003 Su Bad Religion * Sparta *** ALL AGES *** Doors at 7pm! SUNSHINE THEATER Advance tickets available at Ticketmaster 20/25
hell's kitten

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The weather was really nice today. I was standing outside in a tshirt, and I was hot. It's not as windy as it had been either, and what little wind we had was nice because it cools me off. Tomorrow's high is 80. It's 75 right now. To all you east coasters: :-P