March 27th, 2003

hell's kitten

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Holy mutherfucking shit. Finch is coming to albuquerque...and it's a saturday!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHH! It's the day before sparta, which sucks, since I'm not sure if my mom will let me go to both, and linkin park is definitely out of the picture now, but wow....I swear I almost hyperventilated when I found out. This kicks ass. :-D
hell's kitten

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YAY! Today's a good day.

I got a 85 on my chemistry test today which brings me up to a B for the 9 weeks! YAY! Those tests are SO damn hard...I got a 62 on the last one, and I just barely managed to raise my grade in time for report cards. And I got a 94 on an algebra test, but those aren't as hard. :-) But it still kicks ass!!

I stretched my cartilage piercing from 18g to 16g, and it did not hurt at all. Not even comparitively, it just completely didn't hurt. I honestly didnt feel anything, and now, just a few short hours later, it feels like it did before I got it done. Painless, even when I fiddle with it. Kick ass.

I can now use my old 18gs for my lobes, which kicks ass because I had NO matching earrings before, and it didnt even occur to me to use those until my piercer suggested it. :-D

I finally got around to trimming my hair. I had split ends up the wazoo and I've just been procrastinating getting it done, but now it's all nice and soft and good-smelling. Kick ass.

My mom bought me a pretty new backpack because the strap on the one that I've had for just a month or so ripped off. Cheapass thing. But my new one's nice and pretty and awesome. And she bought me $30 of socks. :-D heehee...kick ass...

My orthodontist says my teeth are pretty stable and I won't have to wear my retainer much longer (not that I have anyway...), so YAY!

I bought a keva juice. :-D Keva kicks ass.

I bought the Meteora cd, but I only had a chance to listen to a few songs on low volume in the car because my mom doesn't like "that kind of music," but I think it's good. :-) Kick ass.

I also received a random email from the linkin park team telling me what a great job I was doing in promoting meteora and to tell them my shirt size and I'd get a free LP shirt. Kick ass!

AND....FINCH is coming!! But I already said that...but it still kicks ass.

AND...tomorrow's friday. That's always good.