March 30th, 2003

hell's kitten

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I just saw Chicago. I was very impressed.
old school punk

You are so anti-social you've become the talk of
the town. You used to spend all day riding on
your skateboard and growing your mohawk, but
now you are on to bigger dreams. Your ambitions
to spend your life strung out on drugs and to
spend a whole year with out a shower is really
taking off. From the Ramones to Bad Brains you
are the true punk fan. Indeed, you are the envy
of nobody, but the attention you get all the
time is well worth it. Its a dirty job, but
someones gotta do it.

What is your anti-conformist personality?
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Haha...yeah, right. Although, minus the cigarette, I'm sitting in that exact position. My hands are freezing. The theatre was freezing and it doesn't help that I'm just in a t-shirt
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    mister cellophane...shoulda been my name...(in my head)
hell's kitten

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I'm 49% freak!!

Need to be unique: You like to be a somewhat different than others.
Need to NOT conform: You prefer to conform to other's standards, but don't mind acting differently occasionally.
Willingness to express dissent: You are typically respectful when you disagree, but are willing to speak your mind if it is appropriate.

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