April 2nd, 2003

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stolen from omgstephanie

1st gig: mest/good charlotte at the sunshine dec. 01
Last: mosquitotomoscow, big spank, danny winn, time4change at launchpad 3/22/03
Next: finch at the sunshine 4/12/03
Best: cky at the sunshine 2/08/03
Worst: ummm.....i cant say i've ever been to a bad show :-\
Sadly missed: ataris/sugarcult...damn snow
Always a pleasure: mest and danny winn
Best venue: launchpad, with the sunshine a close 2nd.
Worst venue: tingley
Like to see: oh god...anyone i havent.
It's the same Moxey!
I got my report card today. Grades: A, B, A, A, A, A, A, F. Ouch. Now I have to trick my mom into punishing me by "making me" miss linkin park but still let me see finch. It'll be tricky, but I think it's doable.
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Hm, no, forget that. It's too risky. Mom doesnt need to know I got my report card until after Finch. 0:-) After sparta too, for that matter. I'll be lucky if she lets me go to two shows one night after the next as it is. I dont need to give her extra ammo.

On a happier note, Pablo agreed to go with me to br/sparta. :-)
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My friend called GC punk today, and I said no, they're poppunk. My other friend overheard this and accused me of making up the genre of "poppunk". What the hell? That kinda shocked me. I tried to argue back, but couldn't find the words.