April 9th, 2003

hell's kitten

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I'm listening to steal this album. It's so wonderful...I absolutely love it.

One thing I found amusing: The lyrics to "Fuck the System" consist of: "Fuck the system, fuck the system..." and the credits go to: Tankian and Malakian. It took two of them to think up those words. They do make other...um...noises...in that song, though, so maybe that's what they're referring to. I just thought that was funny, though.
Contraband contradictions, concocting contractions conceding to caucasian caucases causing casual conclusions concerning inconclusive karma, masking masochistic mosquito massages in masculine mosques, a must see mosaic! Take your tartar sauce, and your tinseltown tactics to a tic tac filled trumpet and blow. Enjoy the eloquent essence of esoteric engines humming in ecstasy, etc. Actual arctic acronyms were being asked to ascertain the astral auspices of acting asterisks, that's ass! She sells sea shells buy the real whore!

~I didn't write that
Argh. This plan of mine is working against me. I want to go to a left unsaid/mosquito to moscow show this friday, but mom says that 3 concerts in one week is a little much (which includes the linkin park one i dont want to go to but i have to make her think i do), so, on friday, i have to be home by midnight, which wouldnt be a problem, if we lived in abq, but since we dont, that means i have to leave by 11. ugh
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hell's kitten

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Aaaaaaaaarggh....this is frustrating. Maybe I'll just tell my mom I dont want to go to linkin park. Then I'll give her the report card on monday, and she'll say i cant go to any more concerts, but then I'll most likely have brought up my grade by may 3rd, so she'll let me go to simple plan. Maybe?

I dont know...any advice?

jesus...with people like this, why am I the one failing English?!?!
South Park and Comedy Central are my heros. I swear to fucking god. Rabblerabblerabblerabblerabble!!