June 2nd, 2003

hell's kitten

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They played the pilot of everwood tonight. Jesus, I cried my fucking eyes out. I wish I'd seen that when it first came out. I'd be so addicted to that show (yeah, like I'm not now).
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hell's kitten

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Last day of school tomorrow! Chem final too.. UGH. If I get between a 30% and an 80% on it, I'll get a C for the semester. Above that, a B, and below, a D. I'll probably get a C for the semester. These tests are too hard for me to get above that. I doubt I'm so bad that I'll get below a 30.

They shave their arms, their chest and legs
turn out the lights when they have sex
feel ashamed when they get undressed
think budweiser taste the best

they don't drink it in the street
eat cholesterole - free meat
stagedive till they break their neck
when problems start they smoke some crack

what is wrong ?
what is wrong with the americans ?
what is wrong ?

girls like silicon, boys like guns
grandpa killed the indians
a cumshot on the interns skirt -
dam irakies: eat some dirt.
their policy might be violent
invasion of some sunny island
bombs and missiles always right
cause the lord is on their side

Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam
BaBaBaBa Babara Ann
Sergant Rock and Mrs. Robinson
What's wrong with the americans.