June 13th, 2003

hell's kitten

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Battle Imp

Who's your battle imp?

Backstabbing: 6

Dodgin': 10

Guts: 8

Magic Mojo: 2

Smackdown: 1


Will your battle imp beat Serafina's?
Enter your name and fight.

hell&#39;s kitten

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Psshh...Rolling Stone disappoints. I know it's not the best magazine, but this issue is really going to suck. I cant even bring myself to look through it. Justin/Christina, jon stewart, thom yorke, evanescence, and fucking metallica. You can't get much worse than that.
hell&#39;s kitten

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B******** Jr [9:56 PM]: happy belated bday
Auto response from O o phyxius o O [9:56 PM]: Me no here. Me go bye. Leave me message. Me reply.

:-) The little things that make my day.
My report card came today. 5 A's, and 2 C's. Yay! I didnt fail anything!! Applaud for me!! :-)